dhtmlxScheduler 4.3.25: Maintenance Fix is Out [PRO]

For quite a long time we haven’t officially released any updates of our JavaScript Scheduler though the work on its improvement wasn’t stopped. So, now we’d like to announce a release of more stable version of dhtmlxScheduler, the version 4.3.25.

Scheduler fix

What’s fixed in dhtmlxScheduler 4.3.25:

  • Touch support – trigger tap and double tap on multiday area of Day/Weeks/Units views
  • Touch support – fix regression with event disappearing on start of touch-drag
  • Timeline – fix onYScaleClick call when ignored columns are defined
  • Timeline – fix incorrect state of event object after canceling drag and drop
  • Tree Timeline – timeline_scale_class template should be applied to folder items
  • dataProcessor – clearing scheduler while dataProcessor request is in progress should not cause JS error
  • dataProcessor – fix incorrect state when adding and modifying recurring series when autoUpdate is disabled
  • Day/Week views – fix event visibility when first/last hours of calendar are enabled
  • Multiday Units View – fix default section on creation event with a double click
  • General – occasional Chrome bug, when click and double click events stopped firing
  • General – fixes for daylight savings time bugs in Safari
  • and many other small fixes

Need to say, this update won’t bring any new functionality, but provide seamless performance and be free from small issues and bugs that appeared in 4.3.1. Based on our updated license policy, this update is available for PRO users only. Users of Standard Edition will be able to get these fixes in future minor or major update.

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