dhtmlxFolders Released

Update: The DHTMLX Folders component was deprecated. There is a new File Explorer demo, which serves to arrange folders and files in a directory. You can also find the list of all available components on the Products page.

We are happy to introduce the new DHTMLX component – dhtmlxFolders. This Ajax/DHTML component allows you to display objects with the same data structure in different views. It can be used as a basis for file/image browsers, product catalogs, search engine results, or any kind of informational resources.

dhtmlx file browser

Using different visualization templates combined with different paging settings applied to the same data content, you can display objects (items) with different level of detalization. Paging support allows displaying these objects one-by-one, portion by portion or all at once. Built-in sorting and filtering capabilities make it easier to find necessary item among the others.

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