Minor Update for DHTMLX v2.5 Released

We’ve released a new build 91111 of DHTMLX v2.5. This is basically a bug-fix release with some minor improvements for all the components included in the dhtmlxSuite package.

Please see the full list of fixes and enhancements below:


What’s added:
– setSkin during object initialization;
– oninit property added for the init tree from html;
– drag-n-drop updated to provide initial drag timeout;
– child attribute is serialized in case of full serialization in dyn. loading mode.

What’s fixed:
– incorrect F2 key handling in Opera;
– incorrect rendering in case of IE6-standard after item moving out of the tree;
– incorrect selection after offset-top settings;
– unwanted selection in Safari;
– incorrect edit operations for ID = -1 ;
– tree rendering in Safari is fixed (without images);
– position of context menu in scrolled page is fixed;
– icons for dhx_skyblue updated, size corrected;
– issue with incorrect position of drag marker in sibling mode is fixed;
– selection jumping in IE and FF is fixed;
– ignoring the first element during findItem in srnd mode is fixed.


What’s added:
– setCheckedRows checks ALL rows in the grid;
– master_checkbox checks ALL rows in the grid;
– when initialized from XML, comma in header name is processed in the correct way;
– collapsed columns extension is added;
– count of results for findCell can be specified;
– d-n-d is updated to provide initial drag timeout.

What’s fixed:
– incorrect processing of edit operation for dhxCalendar excell type;
– problem with native context menu in FF;
– problem with onRightClick event in FF;
– issue with incorrect positioning of dhxCalendarA;
– conflict between block selection and paging;
– memory leak related to the ch column;
– incorrect position of h-menu in IE-standard;
– serialization of long col-spans in CSV;
– hidden footers in printView for IE;
– ron and complex math incompatibility;
– incorrect multiline header sizing in split mode in Safari;
– incorrect edit start in treegrid, when clicking expand icon;
– missing scroll in no-data state;
– sizing in IE6;
– issue with resize of grid in split-mode in IE6;
– issue with split-grid-resize in auto-width mode;
– split scroll not-syncing after row adding;
– issue with unwanted gap for x-scroll in case of complex sizing modes;
– incorrect date format from xml;
– incorrect row height in case of split+paging+multiline;
– functionality of setColVAlign is restored;
– access keymap in paging mode;
– issue with resize of splitted grid inside the layout;
– incorrect behavior of coro column type in case of excel keymap;
– incorrect groupBy structure after filtering;
– double onCellChanged call for co column type is fixed;
– resize in split in Opera;
– navigation in Safari;
– split in groupBy mode is restored;
– issue with incorrect tab order in case of setExternalTabOrder;
– incorrect paging sub-skin for bricks mode;
– regression in ra_str cell type is fixed;
– validateCell method is fixed (not removing markers for valid cells);
– double onSubRowOpen call is fixed;
– path to the db filling text is fixed;
– unnecessary sorting while column moving;
– issue with incorrect filter size in IE;
– issue with edit operation in grouped grid, when some group has an empty group label;
– problem with dyn. switching of enableRowsHover;
– issue with incorrect custom title of img cell type in split mode.


What’s added:
– line height is fixed in IE;
– correct multi-level coloring in treegrid;
– correct rendering of treegrid with dyn. loading in paging mode.

What’s fixed:
– missed onOpenEnd for dynamical loading;
– incorrect line rendering after child item deleting;
– fixed incorrect tree editor in Opera.


What’s added:
– ability to detach to specified parent;
– showInnerScroll;
– after loading data by Ajax, inline scripts are evaluated.

What’s fixed:
– issue with sizing of tabbar in not closed container;
– right border in case of multi-line for dhx_skyblue skin;
– issue with IE6 and auto-height mode;
– rendering in IE6 for right and bottom orientation;
– incorrect tab size detection;
– incorrect scrollers in IE6;
– incorrect tabbar styling in case of compiled dhtmlx;
– incorrect scroll after editor in IE6;
– issue with scrollTo command and incorrect dhx_skyblue rendering;
– incorrect auto-size for dhx_skyblue skin;
– unwanted scrolls in IE;
– unnecessary reloading in iframe mode;
– issue with attaching elements to non-active tabs;
– regression in forceLoad method;
– auto-scroll to the selected tab is restored;
– Ajax mode in tabbar is restored;
– close button in dhx_blue skin is restored;
– tabWindow is fixed;
– incorrect removeTab processing;
– incorrect getLabel processing;
– regression with “iframe” loading mode.


What’s fixed:
– button input’s selection fixed;
– autodetect of visible area added (open selects to top if no space at bottom).


What’s fixed:
– issue with context menu opening;
– checkboxes/radios improved in IE;
– look’n’feel (skin) improved.


What’s fixed:
– isOpened method fixed.


What’s fixed:
– issue with show/hide header in case of tabbar attached;
– resizing performance improved in IE.

What’s added:
– onContentLoaded added;
– collapsed text added;
– onResizeFinish restored;
– menu/toobar/status unloading moved to container.


What’s fixed:
– min/max + parked window behavior fixed/improved;
– performance improved;
– show/hide header improved;
– mouseover over disabled input fixed;
– windows closing with attached url fixed;
– attachURL improved.


What’s added:
– minor fixes/improvements;
– detachObject – ability to detach object to specified parent;
– resizing improved in FF.


What’s fixed:
– issue with NaN value when no value input;
– incorrect position for negative value;
– bug with incorrect comparison of string values against integer.


What’s fixed:
– issue with HEX color changing.


What’s fixed:
– some CSS issues;
– issue in setFormatedDate method, incorrect parsing of dates with “space” delimiter;
– issue with incorrect date for Brasilia timezone;
– problem with prototype library and autohide functionality compatibility.

Updated packages of the Standard Edition are available for download on dhtmlx.com. Customers who received the links to download PRO version 2.5 will receive this update for free.

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