dhtmlxScheduler 2.2 Released

We are pleased to announce the update of dhtmlxScheduler to version 2.2. dhtmlxScheduler is a flexible and light-weight JavaScript scheduling calendar that provides an advanced scheduling solution, empowered with top-notch functionality and Ajax support. This new release not only introduces some incremental improvements and bug fixes, but also offers a list of major enhancements:

Export to XML, iCal, JSON
In version 2.2, we have added the ability to export calendar data into XML, iCal, and JSON formats. Serialization to XML allows developers to implement a simple data saving routine that doesn’t require a connection to the database since the data is stored in an XML file. Users who need to export their calendars in iCal readers (Outlook, iPhone, Google, etc.) now can easily convert dhtmlxScheduler to iCal format.

dhtmlxScheduler 2.2 comes with the recently introduced printing functionality which is enabled by a PHP standalone service that allows exporting calendar content to PDF. The current implementation supports printing the calendar in Month, Week, Day, Year, and Agenda modes. To get a custom look for the calendar in PDF, developers can configure sizes and colors of calendar elements, font sizes, and other parameters.

JSON Support
Apart from the option to export calendar data to JSON, dhtmlxScheduler now also supports data loading from JSON format. The data can be loaded either from a JSON object or file.

The new release introduces a few extensions that offer some additional functionality, such as the ability to prevent events from overlapping, or set a range of active dates (so that the user can add events only within this date range). A mini-calendar extension displays a small copy of the Month View of the scheduler in any HTML container on a page. It has an optional “on-date-selected” handler that can be used to simplify date selection or some other tasks.

scheduler - minicalendar

scheduler - minicalendar

TimeLine View
We have also implemented one more view mode for displaying time schedules of multiple resources. In contrast to Units View, where time scale is positioned vertically, the new TimeLine View provides a horizontal layout and represents multiple schedules in a more convenient way.

scheduler - timeline view

scheduler - timeline view

Auto-Fetching Lists from Server
The new version of dhtmlxScheduler includes some improvements for dhtmlxConnector, a special extension that ensures data communication between the client-side calendar component and the server-side database. In the previous version, there was no way to have a dynamic list of options. Hard coding was the only way. But now all these options can be fetched from the server automatically with a single command. It greatly simplifies the work with the Units and TimeLine Views.

In addition to the features mentioned above, dhtmlxScheduler 2.2 also offers better customization capabilities, paging in Units View, a bunch of new examples, and localizations for Arabic, Hungarian, Indonesian, Polish, Ukrainian, and Slovenian languages. For more details and download, please visit the dhtmlxScheduler homepage.

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