DHTMLX Gantt for React, Svelte, and Vue.js with Localization and Touch Support [v1.1]

We are excited to release the new version 1.1 of DHTMLX Gantt for React, Svelte, and Vue.js. The update reinforces our brand-new Gantt charts for the most popular JS frameworks with touch support, localization, and drag-n-drop of grid tasks.


V1.1 brings out the ability to display Gantt chart labels in different languages.

DHTMLX Gantt LocalizationCheck the samples: React, Svelte, Vue.js >

Drag and Drop of Tasks in Grid

The new version 1.1 includes the ability to drag and drop Gantt tasks right in the grid. Thus, users can handily rearrange tasks and projects according to their needs.
Drag and drop of Gantt tasks in gridCheck the samples: React, Svelte, Vue.js >

Touch Support

The update provides a truly native experience of working with the Gantt chart on mobile devices. From now on, managing projects is smooth-running from anywhere on any device.

The grid with tasks is collapsible so that you can have a fullscreen view of the chart. You can easily scroll through the timeline and move and connect tasks using a long press. If you would like to edit a task, just double-tap on it.

DHTMLX mobile GanttCheck the sample on a mobile device: React, Svelte, Vue.js >

We invite everyone to try out the new Gantt charts for the trendiest JS frameworks installing their free evaluation versions via npm:

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