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BrickControl - DHTMLX Gantt

Customer Spotlight: DHTMLX Gantt for BrickControl

3 min read
We are happy to meet Reydi Altuve from the Spanish construction management software company BrickControl. Reydi is a civil engineer and BrickControl consultant and will share with us his experience of working with DHTMLX Gantt...
SCM and DHTMLX Scheduler

Customer Spotlight: DHTMLX Scheduler for SCM

4 min read
We are delighted to invite the team of the Italian woodworking technology company SCM for the interview. They are going to share their experience of implementing DHTMLX Scheduler as a working calendar in their industrial appli...

Customer Spotlight: DHTMLX Gantt for ECSY

6 min read
Today's story spotlights the floor information modeling solution ECSY developed by the French company Echo on. The senior developer Thomas Meghe tells us everything about space planning and how DHTMLX Gantt helps their company...
Lean IT with DHTMLX Gantt

Customer Spotlight: DHTMLX Gantt in Lean IT

10 min read
Today we are talking to Raffaele Marranzini, the CEO of Lean IT, the Swiss software company specializing in product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions. We are proud that Lean IT has relied on our Gantt chart to embed it in t...
Customer spotlight

Customer Spotlight: DHTMLX Gantt in AugmentedCISO

4 min read
It is hard to argue that reliable protection of information assets and technologies plays an important role in the daily activities of any company. That’s what EXCUBE, a French company specialized in cybersecurity, actually do...

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