Updated PHP Connector and Laravel Support Added

Good news for those who use or is planning to use DHTMLX with PHP back-end. PHP Connector is updated to let you use it with the latest versions of popular PHP frameworks (Codelgniter, Yii and CakePHP). What is more, we’ve added the integration with Laravel framework.


Major changes

  • dhtmlxConnector for PHP is adapted to a new logic and new API of Codelgniter, Yii and CakePHP frameworks;
  • connectors can be installed through Composer, no need for manual file copying anymore;
  • models are used for controller’s configuration (Yii, CakePHP, Laravel);
  • dhtmlxGantt is added to each tutorial that shows how to use dhtmlxConnector with php frameworks;

See the updated tutorials of using dhtmlxConnector with Codelgniter, Yii and CakePHP.

Laravel framework integration

We’ve added the tutorial that will show you how to use the dhtmlxConnector library with the Laravel PHP framework. Following the steps of the new tutorial you’ll get a grid, a scheduler and a gantt populated with data from a database and able to save changes back to the server.

Start using connector with Laravel

You may download dhtmlxConnector from its page here, or install it through Composer and always have the latest version.

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