Suite 5.0 is Out! Material Design, New TreeView Control and More

Major update of the DHTMLX JavaScript widget library is finally rolling out, and we are happy to present a new version with lots of awesome updates! Starting from 5.0, DHTMLX Suite is available in new Google’s Material skin, supports Font Awesome icon fonts, has a new Tree component and many other updates that we’ll describe further.

dhtmlxSuite is a JavaScript UI widget library for creating web and mobile applications. It includes all necessary controls: grid, tree, form, combo, calendar and so on. Download the library and start testing it right now.


Material Skin is added and became a default one

We caught up with the modern trends in order your outstanding applications made with DHTMLX could look fresh and up to date! Meet our components in new Material Design and apply to your apps right now.


Browse our samples and check Suite components in new skin

What is more, starting from Suite 5.0, new skin became default so in order to continue using SkyBlue, Web or Terrace, you’ll need to copy the needed skin file from skins/skin_name/* to codebase/.

TreeView component is added

New Tree control joined the library! It won’t replace dhtmlxTree component that we have now, but could become a good alternative for many cases. It’s more lightweight and faster with big datasets, so if you need fast javascript tree control without some complex features for now – dhtmlxTreeView is for you.


Visit TreeView page

Nevertheless, TreeView already contains useful functionality as drag-n-drop, checkboxes, multi-selection and more. We are going to enhance our new component and your feature requests are definitely needed.

Updated: Read about the difference between dhtmlxTree and dhtmlxTreeView here.

Font Awesome support

With dhtmlxSuite 5.0, our controls support Font Awesome, popular icon fonts. If you are not aware about these icons, you may find the related information here.


Form Builder Tool

Forms creation becomes much simpler with a new developer tool – Form Builder. It allows you to build forms of any complexity within minutes. It’s not a part of Visual Designer but a standalone program. In a couple of weeks we’ll provide a video tutorial that will describe the whole process of working with this tool. For now you may check the documentation.

form builder dhtmlx

Try Form Builder right now

Note: We are still working on Form Builder to make it more convenient and user-friendly, so don’t hesitate to leave us your feedbacks and suggestions (drop us an email to

Updated Look of Visual Designer

Though we haven’t updated Visual Designer functionality yet, you may check a new design of it. It’s a small step to further updates of this tool.

Visual Designer

Fixes and improvements

You may find a full what’s new list here.

There is no complex migration, make sure about it here and upgrade your library right now!

New website design as a part of major 5.0 version release

If you visit our website often, you’ve probably noticed that it got completely new mobile-friendly design, improved navigation and modern look. We hope that you like our solution and will visit us even more often :) And sure, feel free to leave your thoughts and comments regarding new, we are always happy to get feedback from you!

new design

The customers with active support subscription will receive a link to the updated version via email (within 24h). The standard edition can be found here.

Have a nice day everyone!

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