New Demo: Car Rental Calendar (JavaScript + PHP)

We are happy to present a new dhtmlxScheduler demo. You can download and explore a demo app of a car rental management system. It’s widespread use case of booking calendars, because it’s pretty convenient to see all the car reservations in interactive timeline view.

car rental javascript-php

This demo app is implemented in JavaScript/HTML5 on client side and PHP/MySQL on server side. Our dhtmlxScheduler received custom Material Design that isn’t included in the official package now, but depending on your feedback, we’ll most likely add it in future releases.

Main features

  • Filtering by car type, price and availability
  • Week, 2 weeks and month views
  • Tasks are colored according the chosen status – Reservation, Prepaid, 100% payment
  • Choose pick up and drop off dates

car rental javascript lightbox

Feel free to leave your feedback in the comments section below. If you’re interested in some particular sample or demo, you’re also welcome to share your suggestion.

ASP.NET Edition

You can find similar demos of our ASP.NET Scheduler (some features are quite different):

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