Scheduling Calendar for ASP.NET MVC

Today we’re happy to announce the release of DHTMLX Scheduler for ASP.NET MVC. It is based on our JavaScript Scheduler, which was optimized and redesigned for ASP.NET. With DHTMLX Scheduler .NET, you can easily add a user-friendly scheduling interface to your web apps and quickly configure calendar appearance and features in Visual Studio.

The ASP.NET calendar offers the same advanced functionality which is available in dhtmlxScheduler:

  • Ajax-powered interface with rich drag-and-drop experience
  • Rich customization capabilities: you can adjust settings in Visual Studio or modify client-side JavaScript API
  • Multiple views: Day, Week, Month, Year, Agenda, Timeline, Multiple Resource View, etc.
  • Recurring events support (events can be repeated on daily, weekly, monthly basis)
  • Customizable popup edit form for event details
  • Localization to more than 25 languages, and more…

All functionality of DHTMLX Scheduler .NET is easily available from ASP.NET code. Besides, the scheduler can load data directly from data sources supported in ASP.NET.

DHTMLX Scheduler .NET comes with free 30-days trial so you can explore the powerful features of the control.
To download the trial version and see the live demos, visit:

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