dhtmlxSuite 5.2: Minor Update for Current Clients

We’re happy to announce to our customers that our JS UI library dhtmlxSuite 5 received a minor update 5.2 with a wide range of enhancements. The update delivered new API methods and events for the following components: Chart, Form, Grid, Toolbar, and TreeView. Besides, from now on you can use SVG images for the Form, Calendar, and Combo. Let’s dive deeper into the release details.

dhtmlxChart Update

V5.2 introduced a more accurate approach for setting the step parameter of the Y-axis with the help of the decimalDigits parameter. Additionally, we provided a new method for removing all the series in dhtmlxChart – clearSeries.

dhtmlxForm Update

A new clear method of dhtmlxForm enables developers to clear all the fields in a form on the fly. Besides, we restored the setItemHeight method, which allows you to easily set the height of the textarea element.

dhtmlxGrid Update

V5.2 gives more flexibility working with columns, rows, and filters of the grid. A new method resetColumnsOrder allows storing the order of columns after changing it instead of keeping the default one. Now it’s also possible to remove the selection of a specific row by its id with the help of the unselectRowByID method. Another new method introduced with this update is getFilterElementByID. It enables you to get the filter object situated in a particular column by its id. For example:

// get filter object placed in the header of the column with id "title"
var filterObject = myGrid.getFilterElementById("title");
dhtmlxToolbar Update

We supplied input controls of the toolbar with the onValueChange event triggered by a user while changing the value of a slider item. For instance:

myToolbar.attachEvent("onValueChange", function(id, value){
    //your code here
dhtmlxTreeView Update

We also added a new event in dhtmlxTreeView – onBeforeSelect, which fires before an item is selected like that:

myTreeView.attachEvent("onBeforeSelect", function(id){
    // your code here

Apart from the newly added methods and events, we made some other improvements in all the components. You can get acquainted with the whole list of updates in the documentation.

Suite 5 vs Suite 6

Suite 5 is a predecessor of the DHTMLX JavaScript widget library v6 released on June 21, 2019. Below you can find a detailed comparison of these versions.

dhtmlxSuite 5:

  • Weighs 1.2MB
  • Supports older browsers like IE8+
  • Has 4 predefined skins
  • Makes use of connectors for server-side integration
  • Supports TypeScript (TypeScript definitions are included in the package)

dhtmlxSuite 6:

  • Weighs 330KB
  • Supports modern browsers (IE11+)
  • Compatible with React, Angular, and Vue.js
  • Based on the Material style
  • Fully and easily customizable via CSS
  • Makes use of all modern architectural styles for data transfer between the server and the client
  • Supports TypeScript (TypeScript definitions will be included in the package soon)

Suite 5 has been under active development for more than 10 years. It’s rich in functionality and, besides, offers several helpers: Visual Designer tool for UI prototyping and Skin Builder for applying the predefined skins. Meanwhile, Suite 6 represents a fresh start and a new direction in the development of DHTMLX UI components in order to make them modern and easy to use with the latest technologies. There is no backward compatibility between these two versions. Suite 6 hasn’t comprised all the features of Suite 5 yet, but some of the main features lacking in Suite 6 (e.g. drag-n-drop and editing features in Grid and TreeGrid) will be added soon.

We encourage our current clients to keep on using Suite 5 in their ongoing projects, as we’ll support this version of DHTMLX UI library and provide further updates. You may find the latest version 5.2 in your Client Area.

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