Learning DHTMLX Suite UI Book

If you like to gain new knowledge from books and would like to get a short course to the DHTMLX library, there is a good news for you. Packt Publishing released a book called “Learning DHTMLX Suite UI” written by Eli Geske, a programmer from Miami, Florida. With his team, Eli develops complex web interfaces, including apps for medical and payment processing industry. He has been using the DHTMLX library for a few years and now shares his knowledge with a broad audience.

Learning DHTMLX Suite UI - Book

This book is for those who want to start working with DHTMLX. The author shows how to get going with the library, explains the file structure and gives lots of useful tips and tricks. He gives detailed description of the UI components included in dhtmlxSuite (layout, toolbar, grid, window, charts, etc) and discusses some common issues and explains how to overcome them.

The book is also good for intermediate developers who want to create rich, cross-browser JavaScript web apps quickly. Being a full-featured UI component library, dhtmlxSuite can really speed up the development of complex web user interfaces.

In his book, Eli goes through creating a simple user management application explaining each step and giving tips and advices. The book also includes a crash course in HTML5’s local storage and Chrome development tools.

“Learning DHTMLX Suite UI” is good even for beginners. You might need to study some things deeper by yourself and then return to the book but the author promises that it won’t be hard. You don’t have to be a JavaScript guru to develop web apps with DHTMLX.

So if you need a quick way to get started with DHTMLX, we would recommend this book. It will shorten the learning curve and will answer many questions that arise at the start. You can get the book on Packt Publishing website or on Amazon.

P.S. We want to thank Eli and his team for writing this book and for being DHTMLX fans :)

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