Filtering and Export to Excel are Now Available in dhtmlxPivot 1.2

We are very pleased to announce the release of dhtmlxPivot 1.2! Our JavaScript Pivot table becomes more powerful, and can help you in maximizing your app’s efforts at delighting your customers with smart data reporting. So, what are the new cool features?

UI for Data Filtering

Starting from the version 1.2, you or the end user of your app can apply filters from UI and display the necessary data on-the-fly. There are 3 types of filters available: string, number and dates. Read about filtering in docs


Export to Excel

dhtmlxPivot 1.2 comes with the ability to export the pivot table to an Excel file. As an output, you’ll get an excel table with all your custom styles and templates. Try yourself

Increase in Performance

Now you can make your Pivot table even faster. It can be achieved by using aliases, that allow using ids instead of constantly repeated data values in a dataset. This allows you to decrease the size of a dataset file which leads to the increase in speed of data loading. Find more in our docs

Extended Data Loading

With dhtmlxPivot 1.2, you can build reports with the data loaded from server-side scripts . You can use Pivot with any RESTful server side – java, .net, php, node.js etc. In addition, the Pivot can load data from CSV files. If this is not enough, you can use DataDriver API and load data from any custom format.

You can check a sample of loading data from CSV, or refer to the technical documentation.

Conditional Formatting

Now you have the ability to style the cells based on some specific conditions. For example, you can paint the cells with min and max values with different colors:


You can use this feature to improve data perception if you need to highlight certain values.


So, you can set any logic you need and mark the important data. Check the docs

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We hope you like the update, and if you still haven’t tried our pivot table component, you are now about to download it.

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