dhtmlxSuite 4.6: Big Christmas Bug Fixes and Promised Today Button

“It is not considered respectable to spend the New Year with debts” DHTMLX dev team thought and fixed all known bugs that were found in 4.5. So, meet dhtmlxSuite 4.6 that works better and more stable.

dhtmlxSuite 4.6

Today and Clear Buttons in dhtmlxCalendar

But it won’t be 4.6 without new feature. And based on your votes in our roadmap we realized that we definitely must add Today and Clear Buttons to dhtmlxCalendar.

Today-Clear Buttons in dhxCalendar

Multiple fixes and improvements

Like was already said, this update comes with lots of bug fixes and improvements. Due to your reports, we were managed to find all these fixes. Full list of them can be found here.

Download the Standard Edition here.

What’s next

Meanwhile, DHTMLX Team is working hard on new major update – dhtmlxSuite 5.0. Check out our roadmap and take a part in voting for the new functionality.

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