DHTMLX Launches Updated Website Dedicated to Its Ajax UI Toolkit

DHTMLX team announced the update of their website (dhtmlx.com) mostly dedicated to DHTMLX Toolkit, professional AJAX components for advanced Web UI. The revamped website introduces entirely new polished look, better content organization and extended Docs Explorer with great number of live samples.

DHTMLX team launches updated website dhtmlx.com with completely new look-and-feel. More convenient content organization, new docs/samples explorer and bunch of other improvements facilitate user experience and make the site easier to use.

The site now has clear and elegant design, bringing its appearance up to date and providing more pleasant and comfortable user interface. Due to better organized content and new navigation tools, users can easier find wanted information about DHTMLX’s products and services.

Newly introduced Docs Explorer combines live samples and documentation demonstrating the richness of DHTMLX components’ functionality and in the same time making it easier to embed this functionality in user’s applications. Moreover, new samples illustrate advanced functionality included in the Professional editions of dhtmlx components, that earlier was available only in the PRO packages.

DHTMLX team claims that Docs Explorer is the first step to the simplification of work with documentation and samples. Later on integration between docs and samples will be even deeper that will allow significantly extend the documentation itself.

In the light of all these changes, the Knowledge Base also received a refreshed look and became more welcoming and user-friendly. In general, recent site redesign dramatically improves user experience and brings representation of DHTMLX products to a new professional level.

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