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Scheduler Plugins Moved to GitHub

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As true open source community projects, the scheduler plugins for WordPress and Joomla! are now moved to GitHub. So if you need an event calendar for one of these CMS platforms, you can download the latest sources here: Scheduler for WordPress Scheduler for Joomla   The license for the plugins remains the same: GNU GPL …

dhtmlxScheduler 3.6: Ready for Windows 8 Apps

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We are pleased to announce the release of dhtmlxScheduler 3.6. In addition to a number of bug fixes, this update brings some new interesting features and enhancements. Among them is a special scheduler version for Windows 8 apps.   Windows 8 Ready We have modified the dhtmlxScheduler codebase to work stable on Windows 8 platform. …

dhtmlxSpreadsheet 2.0 Released with New Features and Improvements

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We are happy to introduce a new version of our JavaScript/PHP spreadsheet widget, dhtmlxSpreadsheet 2.0. This update adds a lot of new features and improvements, including cell validation, the ability to lock cells, Undo/Redo operations, and more. Data Validation New version supports data validation in cells. It allows you to define the cell type and …

DHTMLX Touch 1.2: Unitlist, New Charts, and More

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DHTMLX Touch support and development was discontinued when all DHTMLX components became adaptive. Today we released a new version of DHTMLX Touch, a JavaScript HTML5 framework for developing mobile web interfaces. Version 1.2 fixes a few bugs, provides more stable and faster performance, and offers better compatibility with the latest iOS and Android platforms. While …

How To Synchronize dhtmlxScheduler with Google Calendar

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Update: The proxy script for synchronization with Google Calendar has been updated to work correctly with Google API v.3. Download it from GitHub. Today we want to show you an effortless way to synchronize dhtmlxScheduler and Google Calendar. So if you need to store your events and appointments in both calendars, you won’t miss any …

DHTMLX Customer Spotlight: ParknCloud

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We continue to showcase the products developed by our customers. This time we would like to introduce ParknCloud, an innovative service delivered by Mylaensys, LLC. ParknCloud can be used by consumers to pay for parking using a smartphone and provides municipalities an easy and affordable way to collect parking fees electronically. With just a click …

dhtmlxScheduler 3.5 Released

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We are pleased to announce that the new version of dhtmlxScheduler is available with many updates and improvements. Along with the new features, version 3.5 of our JavaScript event calendar introduces the new skin design and offers more options for customization of the scheduler interface. Here are some highlights of the new version: New ‘Terrace’ …

DHTMLX 3.5: Build Visually Stunning, Real-Time Web Apps

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We are excited to announce the release of DHTMLX v.3.5, our JavaScript/Ajax component library. With this release, we focused on updating the design of the UI components and we hope that you’ll love the look of the new skin. We’ve also added powerful data processing capabilities, such as live updates functionality and offline support. Here …

DHTMLX Integration with Yii PHP Framework

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The DHTMLX component library offers a pure JavaScript/CSS solution for building web interfaces. The advantage of developing with the client-side library is that you can use it with your favorite server-side technology. In this tutorial, we will explain how to use the DHTMLX UI components with one of the most popular PHP frameworks, Yii framework. …

DHTMLX Customer Spotlight: Hot Project

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Today we start the series of posts dedicated to DTHMLX customers featuring their web apps built with the DTHMLX JavaScript library and components. To start, we would like to introduce Hot Project, which is developed with the DHTMLX UI components. Hot Project is an online project management and collaboration system that has been around since …

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