Top Five Samples Show You Need to Choose dhtmlxGrid

If you’re not familiar with our grid component yet, then you should know that dhtmlxGrid is a js data grid control with a range of powerful features, fast performance and ability to work work with big datasets. dhtmlxGrid has such an extended functionality, but in this article we’ll point out top 5 samples that are most popular among our users.

1. Using extended cells technology

You can define the formatting for each column of the gridview in javascript and the editor to edit it. For more details and the list of available cell types check this documentation guide.

cell types in grid

2. Add/Delete Rows in Grid

It’s surely one of the essential features for all JavaScript data grids. You can add rows to your grid any time by using API methods. You should specify the position where the row should appear. Deleting row is easy as well.

Add-delete row

3. Filtering

Our grid library also provides an extension for filtering data on the client-side. You can set filter for different columns in grid.

Filtering in grid

4. Loading data from JSON

Still the most used way for data loading is loading from JSON format, you can use 2 JSON formats – Basic and Native. Documentation can be found here.

Loading data from JSON

5. Loading big amount of data

50,000 records in our js grid table is not a limit, but still check the sample and enjoy smooth performance. In this sample we put 50,000 records into a table in a Mysql database filled with random words. dhtmlxGrid using Ajax loads visible records only. Find related docs here.

Big datasets

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With this grid javascript library, you can easily create nice-looking, js grid tables with in-cell editing, filtering, searching, and grouping and other capabilities. More samples can be found here.

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