New Customizable Navigation Menu for Web Applications Released

DHTMLX released its new product – dhtmlxMenu v1.0. This Ajax-based JavaScript menu lets web developer design and edit a simple DHTML menu in a very convenient way.dhtmlxMenu has cross-browser support, so it can be used for sites and web applications that are supposed to run under different OS. The menu is compatible with all main web browsers for Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac OS.

This JavaScript menu has XML support that gives possibility to build menus dynamically from XML file or database. Any complex menu structure can be generated using a simple XML code. Menu appearance can be easily changed dynamically without requiring the web page to be reloaded. Powerful client-side API allows changing the menu state “on-the-fly” with external JavaScript code.

dhtmlxMenu - Ajax JavaScript Menu - DHTML Menu

dhtmlxMenu is highly customizable. This JavaScript component provides an easy way to create pop-up or drop down menus of any configuration. dhtmlxMenu can also be used as a right-click context menu.

Skinable design allows web developer to change visual appearance of the menu so it matches different styles, e.g. Windows or Mac OS style. This DHTML menu also has such useful feature as vertical scrolling of items. Above all, the menu has high functional stability and performance.

dhtmlxMenu v1.0 is available under GNU General Public License – GPL) and can be downloaded from menu homepage. In order to use dhtmlxMenu in commercial projects, there is a possibility to purchase the Commercial license ($49).

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