Maintenance release: Suite 7.1.2

This March has been very productive for us. The DHTMLX development team released three new Gantt libraries written in pure React, Vue, and Svelte to enhance the capabilities of coders in building project management apps with the use of popular JavaScript frameworks. Moreover, DHTMLX Spreadsheet was updated to version 4.1. We’ve also devoted some time to preparing a range of useful fixes and improvements for our Suite library and it is time to become familiar with them in more detail.

Suite 7.1.2

7.1.2 (March 9, 2021)

  • Chart: the issue with the display of the maximal value (Fixed)
  • Donut Chart: the issue with the “stroke” property (Fixed)
  • DataDrivers: the issue with the serialization of Grid data when the data are serialized with the header (Fixed)
  • DataView: the script error is thrown either when the user drags an item after its editing or when the user highlights the text of the item (Fixed)
  • Form: the different behavior of margins between the label and input on Safari and Chrome (Fixed)
  • Grid: the incorrect work of the keyboard navigation in Grid when placing it inside the HTML form (Fixed)
  • Grid: the issue with drag-n-drop of Grid columns when using several grids (Fixed)
  • Grid: the issue with row selection (Fixed)
  • Grid: the issue with keyboard navigation in Grid when initializing the grid in the cell of Layout that is hidden and then shown (Fixed)
  • Grid: the issue with the getHeaderFilter() method (Fixed)
  • Grid: the issue that caused the popup of the select filter to disappear after scrolling the page (Fixed)
  • Grid: the issue with filtering data in the header of Grid on Safari (Fixed)
  • Grid: the issue with the autoWidth configuration option of a Grid column that caused the column not to shrink after its extending (Fixed)
  • Grid/TreeGrid: the issue with hiding columns when the “autoWidth” configuration option is used (Fixed)
  • Layout: the issue that caused an active focus not to be removed from the cell after its collapsing/expanding (Fixed)
  • Menu: the incorrect display of the menu items when placing the menu inside the window (Fixed)
  • Menu: the issue with the outline focus (Fixed)
  • Menu: the issue with the positioning of the popup after clicking an item with nested controls (Fixed)
  • Tabbar: the issue with Tabbar when placing it inside the HTML form (Fixed)
  • TimePicker: The default height is reduced from 322px to 275px (Done)
  • Tree: the issue that caused the expand/collapse events not to trigger on expanding/collapsing the Tree item first time when autoload is used (Fixed)

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