Maintenance Release: Suite 7.3.6, Kanban 1.2.2

Welcome to the last summer maintenance release of 2022. In August, our development team addressed a pack of reported bugs and introduced some useful improvements for DHTMLX Suite and Kanban libraries. You can get a good look at the whole list of updates below.

DHTMLX Suite 7.3.6

7.3.6 (August 8, 2022)

  • Calendar: now it is possible to set “saturday” as the starting day of the week (Done)
  • Data: the issue which caused extra requests to be sent to the server when making several changes to one item (Fixed)
  • Data: now it is possible to sort data by the value without use of the as attribute of the rule object if some of the values are null | undefined (Done)
  • DataView, List, Tree: now you can block bubbling of the events specified via the eventHandlers property by using stopPropagation() (Done)
  • Form inside Popup: the issue which caused the Popup to close after clicking on a popup of a Form control (Fixed)
  • Grid: the issue which caused the eventHandlers template to return an empty row object when the row ID was an integer (Fixed)
  • Grid: the issue with calculation of the correct number of columns which should be rendered on the screen (in some cases) (Fixed)
  • Grid: the issue with exporting Grid with the footer to Excel (the value for the footer in the exported file was different from the value in Grid) (Fixed)
  • Grid: location of zones for a resize handle (Fixed). Now it is possible to resize each column under the spanned header
  • LazyDataProxy: the issue with dynamic data loading which caused a part of the data to be loaded one more time (Fixed). Now LazyDataProxy will load only the data which hasn’t been loaded into the component before
  • Popup: the issue with display of tooltips for items of a component (for example, Toolbar) which is attached to a popup (Fixed)
  • Tree with scrollbar: Now the content of the Tree will be auto scrolled if you drag an item of a Tree above or below its body (Done)

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DHTMLX Kanban 1.2.2

1.2.2 (August 30, 2022)

  • Duplicating of some icons in menu and toolbar (Fixed)

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