Maintenance release: Gantt 7.0.13, Suite 7.1.1, Scheduler 5.3.11, Spreadsheet 4.0.5

This month, DHTMLX Suite has been updated to version 7.1. Despite its minor status, this release includes highly demanded features for Grid and TreeGrid widgets such as number formatting, multiline content in cells, tooltip templates, and many other novelties. Apart from that, our development team has also prepared maintenance releases for Suite and other DHTMLX JavaScript components – Gantt, Scheduler, Spreadsheet. And it’s time to become familiar with fixes and improvements included in new patch versions of our products. Check out the details below.

Gantt 7.0.13

7.0.13 (February 15, 2021)

  • (Fixed) the script error happened when the layout configuration is changed dynamically and gantt.addTaskLayer is used
  • (Fixed) the issue with the initial inner height of the resource histogram when the fetchTasks option is used
  • (Fixed) the incorrect work of the predecessor editor which caused it to delete existing links when the value is edited
  • (Fixed) the incorrect work of the gantt when a task with a non-unique ID is added to the gantt via the gantt.addTask and gantt.parse methods
  • (Enabled) the performance improvement for drag and drop when the auto_types and drag_project configuration options
  • (Updated) Performance improvement for calculation of working time when duration_unit is set to “day”

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Scheduler 5.3.11

5.3.11 (February 9, 2021)

  • (Fixed) the script error occurred when changing dates in the scheduler when the Cookie extension is enabled
  • (Fixed) the incorrect value of the Content-Type header when the transaction mode of dataProcessor is set to “JSON”
  • (Updated) CSS corrections for the Lightbox on mobile devices when the Terrace skin is used
  • (Fixed) issues with recurring events that caused some events to transfer to the next month when the target month doesn’t have the appropriate date and “monthly” recurrence is used
  • (Fixed) the issue that caused the modal overlay to stay visible after the Lightbox was closed via calling scheduler.updateCollection()

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Suite 7.1.1

4.0.5 (February 23, 2021)

  • (Fixed) the Grid issue with tooltips in Firefox
  • (Fixed) the Grid issue that caused a row selected in the movable part of the grid not being selected in the “frozen” part
  • (Fixed) the Grid issue that caused the script error to be thrown when applying a template to the cell with the footer
  • (Fixed) the issue that caused the grid to crash when initializing the grid with “data: null”
  • (Fixed) the Form script error thrown when the container of Form is set to null
  • (Fixed) the Form issue with the “required” configuration option of the Select control
  • (Fixed) the Window issues that consisted in incorrect display of the menu items when placing the menu inside the window

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Spreadsheet 4.0.5

4.0.5 (February 3, 2021)

  • (Fixed) the performance issue
  • (Fixed) the script error that happened when the user reverted the latest action in the cell
  • (Fixed) the script error thrown after calling the destructor
  • (Fixed) the issue that caused values from a range of cell to be truncated after inserting into a single cell
  • (Fixed) the issue with recognition of the format of a cell after the cell is cut and then pasted for a second time

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