DHTMLX Java Tag Library by Mylaensys

If you are a Java developer that uses DHTMLX components, check out the DHTMLX Java™ Tag Library created by Mylaensys. They offer a collection of easy-to-use custom tags to easily combine the power and flexibility of DHTMLX components with Java™ technology.

The Tag library encapsulates the core DHTMLX functionality as simple tags, which are common to many web applications, providing support for tasks, such as DHTMLX components initialization, components integration, internationalization, and security. The JSP pages created with the Java Tag Library are simple, easy to develop and maintain, and ready to be used with any Java web framework.

The code example below illustrates the initialization of dhtmlxTabbar:

1.  <dhtmlx:body name="initializeDHTMLX" imagePath="imgs/">
2.     <dhtmlx:tabbar name="tabbar" id="document.body">
3.        <dhtmlx:tab name="a1" text="Tab-a1" id="tab_a1"/>
4.        <dhtmlx:tab name="a2" text="Tab-a2" id="tab_a2"/>
5.     </dhtmlx:tabbar>
6.  </dhtmlx:body>

The Tag Library code generator translates the tags into the necessary JavaScript for component initialization, adding minimal cost to the overall performance.

The current release 1.5 is based on DHTMLX 2.6, an update is scheduled for autumn 2011, which will include the updated features of DHTMLX 3.0. For additional information and technical details, please visit Mylaensys blog.

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