DHX Optimus: Lightweight JavaScript UI Framework

We’d love to please our users with a new and great way to create web applications with the DHTMLX JavaScript widget library. This way involves using of DHX Optimus, our new, fast and simple JavaScript microframework. The ultimate usage guide is already available in our documentation, so you can start developing with Optimus right away.

General idea and key points

The DHTMLX Optimus microframework allows simply creating applications of various complexity. You can easily customize these applications and quickly handle them. It’s possible, due to high flexibility, which is achieved by division of an application into separate parts – classes that can be developed separately and combined in any variations.

Here are some main points of our new js framework:

  • An application consists of several modules, each of which includes the description of the interface (a view) as well as the logic of data processing and interacting with other views of the application.
  • DHX Optimus is a client-side solution without any special requirements for the server-side, so you can use any backend technology (PHP, Java, .NET, Node.js, etc.)
  • You can use many languages in an application built with our micro framework. Localization is implemented on the base of the Polyglot.js helper library.
  • In order to render a complex HTML and not to complicate JavaScript code at the same time, the handlebars.js templating engine is used.
  • With DHTMLX Optimus, you can create several applications and use them together as modules of one large application.
  • In order to use the building system, Node.js should be installed on your computer.

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Useful resources:

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