DHTMLX Maintenance Release: Gantt 6.3.3, Scheduler 5.3.4, Scheduler.Net 4.0.2

The last significant updates of 2019 have already been delivered. DHTMLX Gantt released v6.3 with decimal durations of tasks, MS Project-like link formatting, and smart rendering update. The diagramming library acquired new customization possibilities. The Suite UI library rolled out keyboard navigation in Grid and custom HTML content in data and navigation components.

However, the development of JavaScript libraries never stops. The holiday season is the right time to polish the code and bring the components to perfection. So, meet the latest maintenance releases of November and December 2019.


6.3.1 (November 29, 2019)

  • (Fixed) the regression in the smart rendering, which caused links not to be rendered in some cases
  • (Fixed) the bug that allowed modifying and creating new tasks with keyboard navigation when the read-only mode is activated
  • (Fixed) the display issue with Fullscreen extension, which allowed some page elements to be displayed over the Gantt in the fullscreen mode
  • (Fixed) the bug that caused the drag-timeline extension to reset the value of the readonly config

6.3.2 (December 10, 2019)

  • (Updated) TypeScript type definitions were updated
  • (Updated) onBeforeBranchLoading and onAfterBranchLoading public events were added, so it would be possible to modify the URL or dynamic parameters of dynamic loading requests
  • (Updated) public method for changing the URL of the dataProcessor after its initialization
  • (Fixed) the script error, which happened when gantt.destructor was called when the click-drag feature was enabled
  • (Fixed) gantt.parse no longer modifies data objects passed into arguments, deep copies are made instead

6.3.3 (December 18, 2019)

  • (Updated) missing WAI-ARIA attributes added to elements inside the Gantt
  • (Fixed) compatibility with SalesForce Lightning Aura components framework (Evaluation build)
  • (Fixed) the incorrect position of the Tooltip in SalesForce environment
  • (Fixed) the incorrect resizing behavior of grid that disabled the Timeline in some cases
  • (Fixed) gantt.parse should now correctly update the project tree when a parent task is loaded after its children
  • (Fixed) the incorrect Tooltip position when the Gantt container has a vertical margin
  • (Fixed) the incorrect work of the min_duration config
  • (Fixed) the incorrect work of link formatters with custom instances of the Gantt

From now on, our Gantt chart is also supplied with a new export/import format – Oracle’s Primavera P6. The algorithm of export to Primavera follows the same logic as export to MS Project. You can find the new export and import methods in the documentation. We’ll shortly provide new samples to demonstrate the new ability.

Learn more in the documentation >

DHTMLX Scheduler

5.3.4 (December 10, 2019)

  • (Fixed) the incorrect work of the vertical scroll in a scrollable timeline when the mouse pointer is over the sections column
  • (Fixed) the incorrect serialization of nested objects by the dataProcessor
  • (Fixed) the script error, which fired when creating a new event using a custom lightbox

Learn more in the documentation >

DHTMLX Scheduler.Net

4.0.2 (December 10, 2019)

  • (Updated) JS part updated to catch up with the latest DHTMLX JS Scheduler version
  • (Updated) Target.net framework updated from 4.0 to 4.5.2
  • (Updated) Recurring events helper – check github repository
  • (Updated) ColumnWidth property added to C# TimelineView class
  • (Updated) ColumnWidth property added to C# TimelineView class

6.3.1 (December 18, 2019)

  • (Updated) the possibility to set the CSS and data property in Chart added
  • (Updated) the ability to set the name attribute in the setValue method of Form control as key added
  • (Fixed) issue with starting editing Grid columns with the help of the keyboard navigation when the editing: false property is set in the configuration of a column
  • (Fixed) issue with the change event that fired before changes were applied in Form
  • (Fixed) issue with the combo control of Form

Learn more in the documentation >

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Updated on December 19, 2019.

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