DHTMLX 2.5 Beta 2 Is Available

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We would like to announce the release of DHTMLX v2.5 beta 2. This version demonstrates some new functionality and enhancements which will be available in the upcoming upgrade. We made the beta available for public access, so you can play around with the new features and see what to expect in DHTMLX 2.5.

The Standard Edition of this release can be downloaded here. dhtmlxSuite PRO users with valid support period will receive the notification and download link to the Professional Edition of DHTMLX v2.5 beta 2 by email. If you would like to receive the evaluation version of dhtmlxSuite PRO v2.5 beta 2, please contact us.

Some major improvements in this version:

  • In addition to standard API, object API was added to all DHTMLX components
  • New skin for the whole library (skyblue)
  • Unified API for all container components: layout, windows, accordion, and tabbar. Now all these components use the same methods to work with attached objects
  • Number of loaded images was greatly decreased in the new skin, which significantly speeds up loading of the interface built on top of DHTMLX components
  • Layout engine was changed to be more fast and flexible
  • Completely renewed documentation and samples
  • More than a hundred of enhancements and fixes for all DHTMLX components

The official release of DHTMLX v2.5 is planned on the end of August.