Easy Install of DHTMLX Scheduler and Gantt Chart

Starting from today, you can install dhtmlxScheduler and dhtmlxGantt through Bower or NuGet, package managers for the web. Follow the easy instructions below and learn how to quickly launch the latest version of the Scheduler and Gantt Chart from NuGet or Bower.

Using DHTMLX with NuGet and Bower


NuGet is the package manager for the Microsoft development platform. You can install the DHTMLX Scheduler and Gantt chart by executing the following command line:

    nuget install DHTMLX.Gantt
    nuget install DHTMLX.Scheduler

If you are using Microsoft Visual Studio, you can run the following command from the Package Manager Console:

    install-package DHTMLX.Gantt
    install-package DHTMLX.Scheduler


Bower is a package manager for the web that offers a generic, unopinionated solution to the problem of front-end package management. You can run the following command to install the dhtmlxScheduler library with Bower:

    bower install scheduler

And to install dhtmlxGantt, you can use:

    bower install gantt

That is it. The above commands will install the latest version of the component, dhtmlxScheduler or dhtmlxGantt, in the desired location.

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