Scheduler.NET - Interactive Event Calendar for ASP.NET and Web Forms

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ASP.NET Event Calendar

What is DHTMLX Scheduler.NET

Scheduler .NET is an event/appointment calendar that can be easily integrated in any ASP.NET application. In contrast to our JS Scheduler component, it provides simplified data binding and configuration using .NET code.

Key Features

  • Basic Views (day, week, month, year, agenda)
  • Multiple Resource Views (units, timeline)
  • Customizable Appearance
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Flexible time scale
  • Marking and Blocking Calendar Dates
  • Quick Navigation with Date Picker
  • Export to PDF/iCal
  • Recurring Events
  • Touch Support
  • Multilingual (25+ languages)
  • Google Calendar Integration
  • Events Filtering
  • Time Zones
  • Tooltips

Live demos

Hotel Room Booking Calendar

This demo shows how Scheduler.NET can be used in creation of room reservation system. The demo is implemented in ASP.NET MVC5.

Car Rental Calendar

See how dhtmlxScheduler.NET is used in full-featured rental application. The demo is implemented in ASP.NET MVC5 Razor.


Unlike dhtmlxScheduler, Scheduler.NET has no GPL Edition, so to use it in your project, you'll need to obtain Commercial or Enterprise license. Learn more about licensing. To try Scheduler.NET event calendar control, you can download free 30-days trial package.