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Printing Grid Content

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UPD: Download the most recent Grid-to-PDF packages for PHP, ASP.NET, and Java here. If you’ve ever faced the problem of printing data from JavaScript datagrid, then this news will please you. At last we offer a solution for printing dhtmlxGrid content. Currently it works for PHP, but even if you develop in Java or Cold …

Joomla! and WP Plugins for dhtmlxScheduler Updated

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Right after the release of dhtmlxScheduler version 2.1, we updated the calendar plugins for the Joomla! and WordPress CMSs. The new plugin version 1.3 includes improvements and fixes introduced in the latest release of dhtmlxScheduler, and also provides support for Skin Builder, allowing users to customize colors for all elements of the calendar view. What’s …

DHX Quick Tables. Pilot

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Update: DHX Quick Tables were deprecated. Now you can use DHTMLX JavaScript spreadsheet instead. The latest version of Quick Tables was released on November 5, 2010. To learn more, read this post or just download the latest package: Single PHP file installation or PHP/JavaScript sources. It’s a first step in our attempt to get the …

dhtmlxScheduler 2.1 Released

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We’ve updated our Ajax events calendar dhtmlxScheduler to version 2.1. The new release was improved with Agenda and Year Views, which give you more options to display your events. We also added the ability to totally customize the colors of the calendar interface via online Skin Builder tool. So you can easily change the colors …

Using dhtmlxCombo for Searching Locations with Google Maps

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Recently I was faced with having to add a location search mechanism to our application. My given task was short and clear: “We need to enter a few chars here and see the list of matching locations there…” I nodded, made myself a cup of coffee, and started thinking about how I was going to …

dhtmlxVault Updated to Version 1.5

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We are happy to announce that dhtmlxVault version 1.5 is now available! This version supports full localization, including button labels, and provides improved error handler for PHP (added handler for file size limit).

Skin Builder Available Online

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The Skin Builder beta is now available on It gives you the ability to choose the coloring scheme for a web interface built with the DHTMLX library. With the help of Skin Builder you can define custom colors for DHTMLX components and customize their appearance the way you like. The color of each skin …

WordPress Plugin for dhtmlxScheduler

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Today we released the WordPress plugin for dhtmlxScheduler. It allows easy integration of Ajax-enabled event calendar into WordPress CMS. The plugin supports the major functionality of dhtmlxScheduler and doesn’t require any additional coding to be used on a WordPress page.

DHTMLX 2.5 Released

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We proudly announce the official release of version 2.5 of the DHTMLX JavaScript UI library. We have been working hard, carefully preparing this update, to make it more comfortable and easy for you to build rich web interfaces with our DHTMLX components. Version 2.5 introduces lots of significant improvements, including: Object API In addition to …