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dhtmlxVault for Vue.js

Customizable Vue file upload and manager component for the intuitive uploading and managing of various file types.

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How It Works

5 Quick Steps to Integrate Vault with Vue.js
Create a Vault.vue file and add an empty container for Vault with the ref attribute
Import files and styles of Vault
Set the list of used Vault configuration properties and their types
When the component is initialized (mounted), initialize Vault and attach the instance of Vault to the container with the ref attribute
You can install the destructor of Vault

Product Features

  • Support for Angular, Vue.js, React
  • Cross-browser compatibility (IE11+)
  • Real-time progress bar indicator
  • Multiple file selection
  • Drag-and-drop
  • Auto and manual upload
  • Download of the uploaded files
  • Loading the list of previously uploaded files or all files kept on the server
  • Grid & list modes
  • File & image previews
  • Flexible layout, toolbar & progress bar customization
  • Localization for text labels
  • Custom icons for files
  • Custom upload restrictions
  • Material skin
  • Cancellation of files' upload
  • Removing uploaded files from the list
  • Filtering & sorting files in the list
  • Inline editing
  • Keyboard navigation
  • Ability to disable file previews

Simple Customization

Customize each element of your Vue file upload component with ease

Custom button
Custom progress bar
Custom icons for buttons
Custom scroll
Drop area
Equip the toolbar with custom controls you need.
Adjust the progress bar to illustrate the upload process with custom parameters.
Change the default icons of toolbar buttons for custom ones.
Refine the scroll the way you need.
Create an additional drop area for uploading files.
Search for files by name or other criteria.
Present the interface of dhtmlxVault in any language.

Server-Side Technologies

Node Node
Go Go
Java Java

Why Choose dhtmlxVault for Vue.js?

Easy-to-use Vue file upload component
dhtmlxVault for Vue.js is an easy-to-use file uploader and manager component for Vue.js-based apps. dhtmlxVault allows uploading files, canceling the upload, loading the list of previously uploaded files from the server and downloading files to the computer.
File upload validation
Our Vue file upload component provides validation options for the files to be uploaded. Thus, you can regulate file extension, a maximum number of files or their size as well as other custom parameters for uploading files. Vault makes it possible not only to upload files but also to load back the list of files from the server and even download them to the computer.
Customized upload progress bar
The progress bar shows the percentage of a file transfer and appears instead of the toolbar during a file upload. However, you can customize the status of the progress bar to display an estimated time or file size remaining for the upload as well as any custom numbers.
Custom toolbar
The toolbar at the top of Vault has 3 default controls for adding files to the file list, uploading them to the server and deleting all files from Vault. Customization options allow you to add other toolbar controls like a calculator of the total file size.
Support for Angular and React
dhtmlxVault supports not only Vue.js but also such popular frameworks as React and Angular. You can download and test the package you need for your particular project. Our technical support team will be happy to assist you in acquaintance with our Vue upload component.

dhtmlxVault Licensing

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Support & Learning Resources

We provide comprehensive documentation with technical samples. Moreover, our dedicated support team is fast and qualified. Find the suitable way to get support:

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