Top 10 NPM Packages of All Time [Guest Post]

Top NPM packages
NPM is a type of JavaScript node package. It is a default process to manage Node.js. For JavaScript developers, NPM has been a great tool. With NPM, they can share the prepared code for resolving any bugs within a particular website or app.

You must know that any NPM package is the compilation of three different components namely, a website, a Command Line Interface (CLI), and a registry.

In this article, we’ll discuss the top 10 NPM packages that can be most helpful for you.

1. Cloudinary

Cloudinary is the best choice if you’re handling images of your website. Every webpage requires some relevant images and Cloudinary can help developers in this area.

It is a cloud package with numerous features. Some of the things that you can do fast with Cloudinary include cropping an image, resizing the same image, naming the image, etc.

Cloudinary is also a major choice because it is extremely easy to use. To operate this NPM package, you won’t have to be a pro. Beginners can also operate the Cloudinary NPM package.

The presence of API makes Cloudinary easily accessible to any application of your choice. The free version of the Cloudinary is good for beginners.

2. Express

Express is one of the best NPM packages as it offers a server framework for any type of web application, be it single-page, multi-page or hybrid. For many developers, Express is the standard framework for creating web applications.

There are some advanced features of Express that make it a unique choice. These features include high performance, robust routing, negotiation for content, assistance through HTTP, high coverage, execution of applications at a faster speed, and so on.

With Express, you can publish any web applications you like, and the API of Express makes it easier. With Express, you get a proper outline of how any app is prepared from scratch. It is one of the best frameworks or NPM packages available in the market at the moment.

3. Nodist

The third name on our list is Nodist. Nodist is a great NPM package for Windows. It is a complete package where you can use different programs like Powershell, CMD, Cygwin, Git bash, and more. However, for beginners, using Nodist can be a big deal.

To get habituated with the Nodist NPM package, you may have to get an idea of how Nodist should be installed from the installer and Chocolatey. Once you read those guidelines, you can operate Nodist effectively.

The Nodist guideline is relevant for understanding more about debugging, testing, and putting different types of information into practice. Figuring out Nodist may take time, but afterward, it can work soundly for you.

4. Lodash

The fourth NPM package on our list is Lodash. This one is particularly useful if you’re working with lots of numbers, digits, arrays, etc.

People, who find JavaScript a challenging language, can also go for Lodash. The creation of complex functions is also easier with Lodash.

The best thing about Lodash is that it is available for usage in different formats and packages. That way, web developers can use this NPM package with greater flexibility.

5. Browserify

Many of us find it difficult to work with the JavaScript library regularly. With JavaScript libraries, changing templates, again and again, becomes an issue.

With Browserify, you are most likely to face lesser issues and the website building process can become much more enjoyable.

With Browserify, you can create such a codebase that is properly structured, simple to navigate, and well-organized. With Browserify, you can prepare a group of strong components that easily allocate various factors based on their applications in case of a website.

To manage everything with clarity and in an organized manner, don’t forget to use the Browserify NPM package.

6. Debug

The next name on our list is Debug. This NPM package is almost synonymous with simplicity. This NPM package, backed by Node.js, helps you in gathering all your logs in the coding process under a particular module.

As a result, toggling an output received from Debug also becomes easier.

Some of you may face issues with Debug. Mostly because there are some styling and tagging related tricks and first-timers may have difficulties in learning them.

However, these are not the most important features of this NPM package. You can learn it all eventually.

7. Grunt

Many web developers tend to avoid task runners from their coding process. However, they don’t understand that task runners are good to use and they can change your entire coding experience.

A well-organized task runner reduces the task load from your shoulder and activities like testing and task compilation become smoother.

Hence, with a good code runner, you can effectively complete your coding work without being bothered about other factors.

Grunt is one of the packages where there are several plugins and automation options available to you. With Grunt, your efforts can reduce to a large extent and you can easily shift your focus towards coding.

The best thing is that Grunt also lets you create your own plugin by keeping in mind your requirements.

You can also publish those APIs through this NPM. So, if you’re planning to try your hands on a task runner, Grunt should be your first choice.

8. Mocha

The eighth NPM package we’ll talk about is called Mocha. It is a JavaScript test framework that is popular among web-developers.

There are several rich features related to Mocha that stand out among other NPM packages in this list.

Once you conduct a Mocha testing, you’ll understand that such tests take place extremely serially and offer you high flexibility. The reporting with Mocha is also more accurate.

Any coder reading this article would agree that testing is an integral part of the coding process. Without running tests, it is not possible to identify if a programming language is working well or not.

With Mocha, testing becomes easier, and locating bugs and loopholes also becomes possible. Additionally, this package helps in identifying how the located bugs can be fixed to make a coding process much more meaningful.

With Mocha testing, a developer can make the code more appropriate for the application they are running.

9. Bower

The next NPM package on our list would be Bower. If you remember about traditional websites and their building process, you would know that in those times only HTML and CSS were essential for building a website.

An advanced website in those days would mean the application of JavaScript.

As days passed, websites became more advanced and libraries, frameworks, and several other tools were added to those websites.

However, it is becoming more and more challenging for web developers to handle all these factors on their own.

They need an NPM package like Bower, which single-handedly manages all website components including CSS, JS, HTML, and more.

Fonts and visual features of a website also fall under this NPM package. This package is also useful for regularly notifying you so that you can identify the risk and take action.

10. Async.js

Many times, JavaScript has become an annoying programming language. With Async.js, you can get rid of some unnecessary features of JavaScript. One feature that is most difficult about JavaScript is the render-blocking feature.

The render-blocking feature easily reduces the performance of your website as it decreases the speed of loading a page.

However, with an NPM package like Async.js, it is easier to avoid such features. In the presence of Async.js, working with JavaScript becomes smoother and your website’s speed also increases.

Even though Async.js was prepared for Node.js, it works perfectly with different browsers out there. The library within Async.js is extensive and there are over 20 functions that you can use.

Final Words

This was our list of the top NPM packages that coders and web developers can give a shot. We have discussed both popular as well as not-so-popular yet effective NPM packages in this list.

Before summarizing, we must tell you that don’t go by the popularity of the NPM packages. Instead, go by your personal requirements.

So, what are your thoughts on this list? Let us know in the comment section below.

About the Author

Harikrishna Kundariya is a marketer, developer, IoT, ChatBot & Blockchain savvy, designer, co-founder and director of the mobile app development company eSparkBiz Technologies. His 8+ experience enables him to provide digital solutions to new start-ups based on IoT and ChatBot.

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