Maintenance Release: Scheduler 6.0.2, Suite 7.3.5, To Do List 1.0.1, Kanban 1.2.1

Bugs happen, so should bug fixes. It is time to present to you the newest patch versions of three DHTMLX JavaScript libraries delivered by our development team in July. In this maintenance release, you’ll get acquainted with fixes and improvements prepared for DHTMLX Scheduler, Suite, To Do List, and Kanban components. All the details are provided below.

DHTMLX Scheduler 6.0.2

6.0.2 (July 25, 2022)

  • The regression in scripts for building Custom Skins (Fixed)
  • The script errors occurred on pages with enabled Content Security Policy (Fixed)
  • The incorrect work of the DataProcessor when it is initialized with the router object (Fixed)
  • The typo in the name of the DOM attribute for cells of the Year view (Fixed)

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DHTMLX Suite 7.3.5

7.3.5 (July 07, 2022)

  • Form: the issue with internal paddings of Form elements when using the setProperties() method (Fixed)
  • Form: Now it is possible to set a new value for the disabled Combobox control via API (Done)
  • Grid: the incorrect work of formatting of numbers in some cases (Fixed)
  • Grid: the incorrect display of dates when the date format includes milliseconds (Fixed)
  • Grid: the incorrect work of editing of spanned cells (Fixed)
  • Grid: the issue which caused “fixed” columns to hide horizontal scrollbar (Fixed)
  • Grid: the issue which caused sorting icons not to show the correct direction of the future sorting order (Fixed)
  • Grid: the issue which caused the hidden rows to become visible after filtering of data was reset (Fixed)
  • Grid: the issue which prevented spans from being stylized via the addCellCss() method (Fixed)
  • Grid: now it is possible to reset filtering in the read-only mode of comboFilter by choosing an empty option in the dropdown list (Done)
  • List: the issue which caused focus to set on an item when clicking on it even so selection functionality was disabled via selection:false (Fixed)
  • TreeGrid: the incorrect work of the getLength() method which returned null instead of “0” for empty TreeGrid in some cases (Fixed)
  • TreeGrid: the issue which caused the height of the treegrid not to be recalculated after changing the data set (Fixed)
  • Window: the incorrect display of the modal window (it was displayed behind the non-modal one) (Fixed)
  • Window: the issue with positioning of the window if the values of the width and height were incorrect (Fixed)

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DHTMLX To Do List 1.0.1

1.0.1 (July 5, 2022)

  • Significantly improved work of API (Done)

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DHTMLX Kanban 1.2.1

1.2.1 (July 28, 2022)

  • The cardHeight property doesn’t work with the enabled scrollType:”column” config (Fixed)
  • Uploader doesn’t show uploaded files in card editor (Fixed)
  • Localization doesn’t work for “combo” and “progress” fields in card editor (Fixed)

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