dhtmlxScheduler PRO Features Overview

Professional edition of dhtmlxScheduler offers extended functionality and a set of extra features that you might need to make your software more powerful and outstanding. Below is a brief summary of all PRO features.

timeline horizontal scroll

Horizontal Scroll Inside the Timeline

Having enabled a horizontal scroll in the Timeline view, users can switch between days, weeks, or months without clicking the navigation buttons. You can also turn an autoscroll option on to allow changing the event’s duration or drag-n-drop it along the Timeline while it’s being scrolled automatically.

multisection events

Multisection Events

You can add multisection events that will be assigned for several sections/resources at once (e.g. one task for several team members, or one event for several office locations).

multiple scheduler instances

Ability to Place Several Scheduler Instances on One Page

With Enterprise or Ultimate license, you can place multiple scheduler instances on one page and manage several calendars with different views at once.

custom html content

Custom HTML Content in All Timeline Modes

The functionality will enable you to set a custom template for the content of cells and all other modes of the Timeline view.