Gantt Chart Feature Details

Tasks, Projects and Milestones

dhtmlxGantt allows setting 3 types of tasks - project, task and milestone. Project includes sequence of tasks, milestones are tasks with zero duration that are used to mark out important dates of the project, some key events or goals. View sample

4 different skins

Four modern skins - Terrace, Skyblue, Meadow and Broadway - are included. All of them can be easily customized based on your design needs.

4 different skins of gantt chart
Baselines and other custom elements

You can add baselines, deadlines or any other custom elements you want to your gantt chart software. View sample

Critical path calculation

You have the ability to set a critical path to determine the shortest time that the project can be completed. View sample

critical path in gantt chart

Our html5 Gantt chart supports undo-redo functionality that allows one-click undo or redo any action made to the chart. View sample

Loading big datasets

Due to smart rendering mode you can load 100, 1000, 10000 and more tasks to your gantt chart app, and the performance won’t be affected - it will be still fast. View sample

Different scales

With dhtmlxGantt, you can set up minutes, hour, day, week, month, year scales. Moreover, the scales can be changed dynamically. In your gantt chart you can combine multiple scales and use them at once.

multiple scales in gantt chart

More information about the scales can be found in our docs


Users with different types of disabilities can rely on such features as keyboard navigation, WAI-ARIA support, and high-contrast themes.

Accessibility in gantt chart

More information about Accessibility support can be found in our docs

Bootstrap Compatibility

dhtmlxGantt is fully compatible with Bootstrap. You may check this demo showing gantt chart in the Bootstrap layout.