Form Feature Details

On this page, you can become familiar with the main functional capabilities of the DHTMLX Form widget. It can be utilized with a range of UI widgets included in the DHTMLX Suite library for building advanced user interfaces.

Grouping controls in Form
DHTMLX Form comes with a range of controls for creating complex forms. And the great thing is that all these elements can be easily arranged into rows and columns. It is also possible to specify a title for a group of controls, set the alignment of controls, and adjust their size according to your requirements.
Attaching DHTMLX Widgets pro
Taking advantage of the container control, you can create form-based interfaces of any complexity. It allows you to complement forms with custom HTML content or attach other DHTMLX widgets. It helps to make your forms more functional without resorting to any third-party tools.
Form Validation
Validation is an essential aspect of any web form, as it allows you to guarantee that end-users enter only valid data in form fields. With DHTMLX Form, you will be able to define required input fields, apply predefined validation rules for them (password, email, etc.), specify min and max input values, and set the number of allowed characters. Moreover, you can also help users to avoid any mistakes during the form completion by providing visual notifications when any required field is filled out incorrectly.
Managing DHTMLX Form
DHTMLX Form provides great flexibility when it comes to managing forms. For instance, our widget gives you an opportunity to disable/enable the form or some of its controls. Besides, you can also hide a form and make it visible.
Styling Form and Controls
Forms created with DHTMLX will certainly fit into the design of any web application thanks to their rich customization capabilities. You can change the appearance of specific controls or the whole form without much effort. All you have to do is add new CSS classes with desired settings.
If you are using DHTMLX Form for a project that should reach a global audience, you will certainly benefit from the localization feature. It allows creating custom locales for adapting all textual data in the form to a particular language. Thus, you can make the interface of your form understandable for users from different countries.

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