DHTMLX Gantt - Ultimate License

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License terms:
Unlimited developers
Unlimited projects
Use in SaaS
Use in Salesforce
Perpetual distribution
Ultimate support:
Valid for 1 year
Minor, major updates, bug fixes & emergency bug fixes
Unlimited support requests
24h response time
Personal Account Manager
Professional edition:
3 years of free online export to PDF/PNG without watermark
Ability to place several Gantt Charts on 1 page
Free local PDF/PNG export module
Free local module for MS Project export/import
Resource management
Critical path calculation
Support for baselines, deadlines and other custom elements
Simple API for hiding/showing columns of the grid
Dynamic loading
Tasks grouping
Auto scheduling
Project and milestones task types
Split Tasks
Setting Task Types Automatically
Time constraints for tasks
Custom content in the overlay
MS Project-like format of task dependencies
Decimal format of task duration
Free Node.js Gantt server module