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How to Add Rating Bar in dhtmlxGrid

3 min read
This quick tutorial leads you through the steps of adding a simple star rating bar in a cell of dhtmlxGrid. You'll learn how to create a custom exCell ("extended cell") that allows the end users to view/set the rating of an it...

DHTMLX Hot Fix for IE11 is Available

1 min read
Due to the functional peculiarities of the recently released IE11, DHTMLX users might encounter a number of malfunctions in their apps. To overcome these issues, please update affected files or the complete packages. This ...

Tips on How to Minify the DHTMLX Files

8 min read
This post is for developers who work closely with the DHTMLX library and would like to use its advantages in a most proper way. As you might already know, there are a few options to include the DHTMLX library on a page: ...

Some Fixes and Updates for dhtmlxScheduler

1 min read
Minor regressions, which were introduced in dhtmlxScheduler 4.0, have been fixed. The new build includes fixes for the following bugs: Regression in recurring events saving Regression in export-to-PDF feature Incorrect vi...
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