DHTMLX 2.x for Users of 1.x Version

  • All exising customers of dhtmlx components with active support period get updated versions of these components for free
  • All existing customers of dhtmlxSuite with active support period get version 2.x for free with all new components included
  • All DHTMLX components (except dhtmlxMenu and dhtmlxToolbar) which changed their version from 1.x to 2.x stay 100% compatible with previous version. In most cases they got minimum of technical enhancements except those which were necessary to increase their possibilities for mutal integration with other dhtmlx components.
  • For dhtmlxMenu and dhtmlxToolbar users: v. 2.x of these components are brand new products with completely updated API and loading formats. We still continue supporting v. 1.0 of mentioned components within support period length defined in the licenses but not more than 1 year since release of v.2.0.

What is new in DHTMLX 2.x