Feature Details

Smart XML Parsing for Better Performance

When Smart XML Parsing is enabled, the treegrid will parse only visible items. This significantly decreases the initial loading time for the tree grid. There is no need to change anything on the server side.

Smart Rendering

Smart Rendering is a highly popular feature that solves problems with performance of large grids. It allows dhtmlxTreeGrid to render only those rows which are going to be displayed on the screen. At the same time all loaded rows are available for operations through script API.

Paging Support

Paging feature allows you to organize large amount of records within a treegrid, and makes it easy to navigate through these records.

Dynamic Loading

Dynamic loading enables you to load treegrid content from the server in parts - by one or more levels. This feature helps to avoid long waits to load if the total treegrid content is huge.

Tree-Specific Rows Coloring

In contrast to the common rows-coloring format for a simple grid, where colors are different for even and odd rows, the coloring convention in dhtmlxTreeGrid helps to visually separate hierarchical levels. This technique simplifies the work of the end-user.

Drag-and-Drop as Child/Sibling

dhtmlxTreeGrid has two modes for dropping items - inside other items (folders), and between items. This allows you to change the treegrid structure simply by dragging and dropping items.