Feature Details


Simple drag-and-drop (within the same tree or between trees) is available in Standard Edition and you can try it on dhtmlxTree page. If multi-selection is enabled in the tree, then multiple items can be dragged at once.

The PRO Edition also allows drag-and-drop between dhtmlxTree and dhtmlxGrid/TreeGrid, as well as dropping tree items into any HTML object, and dropping any HTML object into a tree.


The PRO Edition offers different modes of drag-and-drop. Dropping an item between other items can be used to change items' positions within a level.

Dynamic Loading

Dynamic loading enables you to load tree content from the server in parts - by one or more levels. This feature helps avoid long waits to load if the total tree content is huge.

Smart XML Parsing

When Smart XML Parsing is enabled, the tree will parse only those items that should be visible on the page. This drastically decreases the initial load time for the tree. There is no need to change anything on the server side.

Distributed Parsing

If a tree contains levels with hundreds of items, then enabling this feature on can decrease the level loading time. We would, however, recommend using more user-friendly structures.

Text-Only Mode

When configuring dhtmlxTree, you can turn certain graphical elements on and off, such as icons and plus/minus signs. You can even disable images altogether and use text symbols instead.

Two/Three State Checkboxes

With dhtmlxTree you can attach checkboxes to tree items. Some of them can be hidden or disabled. Also, three-state checkboxes mode can be enabled: when an additional checkbox state indicates the presence of nested checkboxes selected by a user.

dhtmlxDataProcessor and dhtmlxConnector

dhtmlxDataProcessor and dhtmlxConnector for dhtmlxTree manage the process of loading/updating data from/on the server side. It can be configured for your particular datasource. Supports PHP5 and Java with MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS SQL, and ASP.NET with SQL Server. Its client-side layer can be used for any other server-side technology.

Right-to-Left Support

dhtmlxTree PRO Edition provides a ready to use solution for RTL language websites and applications. This feature is very easy to enable.

Editable Items

The text of tree items can be edited directly in the tree. This feature can be turned on/off. Special event handlers help manage the process of editing.

Serialization to XML

After dragging, deleting, creating, and editing tree items, you can get updated XML by using serialization capability. The depth of XML detailization can be configured.

User-Data for Nodes

It is sometimes useful to keep some invisible data within a tree item. With dhtmlxTree, you can associate any additional information with a tree item and retrieve or change it at any time.

Visual Appearance

The appearance of the tree can easily be modified with CSS and icon sets. Some popular icon sets are included in the distributed package. You can try some of them on dhtmlxTree page.