Feature Details

Top and Bottom Oriented Tabs

dhtmlxTabbar allows tabs to be placed above or below the content inside the tabs. The tabs can be aligned to the left or right side. If needed, you can add a close button to each tab.

Tab Bar with Scroller

If the number of tabs exceeds the width of the tabbar container, the end user can use scrolls to navigate the tabs.

Different Ways of Loading Tab Content

The tab bar allows developers to choose how to load tab content. The tabbar can load the content using either iframe Get/Post requests or Ajax Get/Post requests.

Easy Integration with DHTMLX Components

You can easily put other DHTMLX components inside the tabs. With a single JavaScript command, you can add a Grid, Tree, Toolbar, Menu, Ribbon, Layout, Accordion, etc. to the tabbar container.

Full Screen Mode

dhtmlxTabbar can be initialized in a full screen mode, when the tabs container takes the entire space of the browser window.