10 Reasons to Choose DHTMLX Suite

When you decide to choose a JavaScript library for your project (app, website), ask yourself the following questions:

  • How long it will take to start using controls in our app?
  • How much efforts will we make to understand all the technical features and behaviour of the components?
  • What kind of help will we get in case of any problems?
  • Will be the license terms appropriate for us?

dhtmlxSuite shows worthy answers to all these questions.

Technical features

No deep OOP structures for nothing

Our JavaScript UI components library has the most powerful API in the industry, though it's simple and one-level in most cases. The control is performed through the component itself. This simple internal structure provides high-speed performance and a short learning curve.

No need for entire library to use just one control

You don't need to obtain the whole library if you're interested just in one component - grid, combo, calendar or something.

Most of the components can be used and purchased separately.

Over 1000 technical samples

Each method and event have an example showing how it can be used.

A try is worth a thousand words. Ask for free trial with technical help from our team.


No hidden limitations

No hidden limitations like "you get 1000 credits for a whole year of support period!" But in practice, one support request costs 250 credits and as a result you have just 4 requests. It's not about us. Even our Standard Support plan provides first 30 days (the most important for the development process) with unlimited support requests. The Premium Support plan includes unlimited number of support tickets for a year!

No external support staff

The support is provided by DHTMLX development team, who completely knows the dhtmlx components and all their distinctive features. Our developers help users to solve their problems by diving deep into the issues and trying to provide ready solutions, but not only pointing to the related articles in documentation.

Do not wait for official bug fixes releases

We provide emergency bug fixes with Enterprise license.


One license for 5 developers, not vice versa

We don't make you to purchase 10 licenses if you have just 3 developers in a team. Our license model is more flexible - purchase one Commercial license and let up to 5 developers to work with the product, purchase one Enterprise license and let an unlimited number of developers to work with DHTMLX.

One guaranteed update

We guarantee that you'll get at least one update for free.

Support Extension

You can prolong the support period at any time

In case if your support period expired three years ago, you don't have to pay for these 3 years of non-use of our support services. You pay for the support you really get.

No need in whole year of support extension for one ticket

If you want to open the only ticket, but your support period expires, you can purchase support credits for extra help and don't have to purchase a whole year of support for this.