Feature Details

Space-Saving Way of Content Organization

The accordion component can be used to put various types of content into small area on a web page. Moreover, the accordion navigation menu is familiar to users, thus enabling user-friendly UIs.

Integration with Other DHTMLX Components

As with dhtmlxLayout, other DHTMLX components - like Tree, Grid, TreeGrid, DataView, and Tabbar - can be integrated within Accordion panels using a single JavaScript command.

Undockable Items

Due to integration with dhtmlxWindows, any item inside dhtmlxAccordion can be easily undocked and shown in a separate popup window, which in turn can be expanded to let the user the content in a more comfortable way.

Multi Mode

dhtmlxAccordion can work in a multi mode, when all panels are displayed independently and can be all opened at the same time. The end user can also drag-and-drop each panel to reorganize the panels as needed.

Auto-Resizing Capabilities

dhtmlxAccordion automatically adjusts the size of its items depending on the size of the parent element. The developer no longer needs to worry about matching item sizes and proportions.

Different Skins

You can choose from a list of available skins, or customize them with the Online Skin Builder.