Online Skin Builder for dhtmlxScheduler beta

Color presets
Selected scheme doesn't have any options to configure
Color of background:
Color of light:
Color of event:
Color of text:
Font family:
Font size:
Color of background:
Color of light:
The settings below are applyed to body and header of Day cells within Month View.
Body color:
Body color for current day:
Body color inactive:
Header color:
Header color for current day:
Header color inactive:
Color of border:
Background scales color:
Color of nav buttons:
Color of scales border:
Color of tab inactive:
These settings are applyed for row colors in Day, Week, and Agenda Views.
Color of even row:
Color of even row for current day:
Color of odd row:
Color of odd row for current day:
Color of event:
Color of dragged event:
Color of event's border:
Scale's font family:
Event's font family:
Editor's text font family:
Editor's section font family:
Scale's font size:
Event's font size:
Editor's text font size:
Editor's section font size:
Color of text:
Color of scales text:
Color of event's text:
Color of editor text:
Color of title area:
Background editor color:
Color of editor area:
Color of editor border:
Color of editor border:

How to use Skin Builder for dhtmlxScheduler

The Skin Builder is a tool which helps you to define any color schema for the interface of dhtmlxScheduler used in your application. You can choose some preset color scheme from the available list or create your own. When editing skin colors you need to press Apply button to see the result. When you choose a preset, the preview will be reloaded automatically with new settings.

Detailed Mode (see the button on top) offers more options for customization.

How to apply new skin to existing dhtmlxScheduler instance

When you got a color scheme you like, click Download button to get a zip file with all necessary files (css and images). All you need is to replace exising css file and imgs folder inside codebase directory of dhtmlxScheduler.