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DHTMLX Touch - HTML5 JavaScript Mobile Framework

DHTMLX Touch Framework for Mobile Web Apps DHTMLX Touch is a free, open source JavaScript mobile framework for building HTML5-based web apps for mobile devices (iOS, Android, Blackberry). It provides the whole range of UI elements allowing developers to create visually appealing web interfaces with touchscreen user experience.

DHTMLX - Ajax & JavaScript Component Library

The DHTMLX JavaScript UI library allows you to build Ajax-based, cross-browser web apps faster. It includes a rich set of ready-to-use UI components that can be easily combined into a single application interface or used separately.

The DHTMLX widgets can be used with any server-side technology: PHP, Java, ASP.NET, Ruby, Grails, ColdFusion, Python, etc. To simplify client-server data communication, we offer special server-side connectors.

Tree Grid TreeGrid Tabbar Menu
Windows Accordion Toolbar Combo Calendar
Form Chart ColorPicker Slider Ribbon
Editor DataView Layout Popup Message

You can use the DHTMLX components bundled or standalone. The advantage of using the whole Suite is that the logic model of the components and the API creation approach are similar. This simplifies the understanding of the library and speeds up the development of web interfaces. Mutual integration of the DHTMLX components enables you to create complex web apps with less effort and time.

dhtmlxScheduler - Full-Featured Event Calendar

dhtmlxScheduler - JavaScript Event Calendar

dhtmlxScheduler is a web-based JavaScript events calendar that provides a rich and intuitive scheduling solution similar to Microsoft Outlook Calendar, Apple's iCal, or Google Calendar. There are also ASP.NET version and Java version of the scheduler.

dhtmlxGantt - JavaScript Gantt Chart

dhtmlxGantt - JavaScript Gantt Chart

dhtmlxGantt allows you to create and edit interactive project management diagrams, also known as Gantt charts. With dhtmlxGantt, you can build a web-based replacement for project planning tools like MS Project.

dhtmlxSpreadsheet - Web-Based Spreadsheet Solution

dhtmlxSpreadsheet - Web-based JavaScript/PHP Spreadsheet

dhtmlxSpreadsheet is a JavaScript and PHP solution that allows you to quickly add an editable Excel-like spreadsheet on a web page. Unlike online services, dhtmlxSpreadsheet allows you to store data on your own server and display it in a table view in edit or read-only mode.

dhtmlxConnector for PHP, Java, ASP.NET, ColdFusion

dhtmlxConnector handles data connections between a server-side database and client-side DHTMLX components (dhtmlxGrid, dhtmlxTreeGrid, dhtmlxTree, dhtmlxCombo, dhtmlxScheduler), seamlessly loading and updating the content. Available for PHP, ASP.NET, Java, and ColdFusion.

dhtmlxVault - JavaScript File Upload Component

dhtmlxVault - JavaScript HTML5 File Uploader

dhtmlxVault is a JavaScript file upload component that helps you implement HTML5-based file uploading functionality for of your web app or website. A much-requested feature, the progress bar graphically shows users the progress of large file transfers.

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Nov 12, 2014
Meet the updated version of our JavaScript Event Calendar – dhtmlxScheduler 4.2! This update introduces fixes of known bugs, performance improvements and a number of new and improved features. This update was directed to solve the known performance issues with the Timeline view – on most configurations the rendering time has been decreased in 2-3 […]
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A week has passed since our previous tip and again we’re ready to share a cool and useful feature. We want to show you how fast and simple you can put tooltips with a popup window into our Date Picker, dhtmlxCalendar. Just two steps! Step 1. First of all, we need to initialize dhtmlxCalendar on […]
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Nov 04, 2014
We’ve recently updated dhtmlxGantt and we really like what we’ve got as a result. Every single feature completes the component and makes it a powerful JavaScript Gantt Chart. In this article we’ll tell you about the ability to show custom labels near the Gantt bars. Sometimes you need to display additional content near the Gantt […]
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