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dhtmlxTree is a feature-rich JavaScript tree menu that allows you to quickly add a nice-looking, Ajax-based hierarchical tree on a web page. The treeview supports in-line node editing, advanced drag-and-drop, three-state checkboxes, and more. Due to special techniques, this JavaScript tree control loads even big trees quickly and effectively.

Powerful drag-and-drop capabilities allow you to drag the tree items not just within one tree, but between different trees (even if they are located in different frames or iframes). You can try this functionality right now:

Live demo

Sky Blue
Drag & drop items within the trees as well as between trees.
Double-click on folder label or click on [+] plus to expand subitems.

Rich JavaScript API

Rich client-side API provides complete control over the treeview appearance and behavior. In addition to the functional API, dhtmlxTree also provides an object constructor that allows you to define object properties within a single command.

Ajax Support and Server-Side Integration

This JavaScript treeview uses the Ajax model of data processing, so the tree content can be updated seamlessly without reloading the entire webpage. All changes performed in the treeview on the client side can be saved to the database automatically in real time.

To simplify server-side integration, we've developed the dhtmlxConnector library that provides client-server data communication (available for PHP, Java, ASP.NET, and ColdFusion). You can also use dhtmlxTree with the custom server-side code.

Fast Performing JavaScript Tree

Once built into your web site or application, dhtmlxTree provides a high-performance navigation system. Smart Rendering brings excellent performance for trees with a great number of nodes per level.

With Distributed Parsing, tree levels are loaded asynchronously: when the node is open, only the first portion of sub-nodes is displayed, then other nodes are dynamically processed and displayed by the same portions on demand.

You can use the tree as an individual component or as a part of DHTMLX JavaScript library. All DHTMLX components have slick and clean look which can match the design of any website or web app.


Note that some features are available in the PRO Edition only.

  • Cross-browser compatibility (IE, Chrome, FF, Opera, Safari)
  • Loading from XML, JavaScript, JSON, CSV
  • Editable items (in-line editing)
  • Server-side integration with dhtmlxConnector
  • Keyboard navigation
  • Multi-selection
  • Context menu
  • Advanced drag-and-drop capabilities
  • Drag-and-drop to/from dhtmlxGrid
  • Right-to-left languages support (RTL)
  • Full controll with JavaScript API
  • Dynamic loading for large trees
  • Smart XML Parsing for large trees
  • Smart Rendering for extra-large trees
  • Serialization to XML
  • Checkboxes (two/three states, disabled/hidden), radio buttons
  • Customizable appearance
  • Unlimited user-data for nodes
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dhtmlxTree is available in Standard and PRO Editions (feature comparison table).


Open Source - GPL - Allows the use of dhtmlxTree Standard in GPL-ed projects for free. Download dhtmlxTree - Ajax/JavaScript Tree MenuDownload

Commercial License ($149) - Includes dhtmlxTree PRO Edition and allows you to use it in one project (application) with an unlimited number of copies. With this license, you receive 1 month of technical support (or 5 support requests within 12 months). Buy dhtmlxTree - Ajax/JavaScript Tree MenuBuy it

Enterprise License ($399) - Includes dhtmlxTree PRO Edition and allows you to use it in an unlimited number of projects on the condition that all of them are developed by one company. Free support/upgrades are provided for the first 12 months. Buy dhtmlxTree - Ajax/JavaScript Tree MenuBuy it


Supported browsers:
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Alcatel Lucent
Bank Of America
Commerzbank AG.
Deloitte & Touche
Ericsson AB
JP Morgan Chase
Merrill Lynch
Samsung Electronics
Siemens AG
Sony Computer Entertainment
Symantec Corporation
Thomson Reuters
Volkswagen AG

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It does not surprise me that this tree is used by many top organizations. It has extremely good functionality. Thanks again
Thank you for this great tree, surely it worths every penny paid and even more.
Saeed Yousef