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dhtmlxCombo is a cross-browser JavaScript combobox with an autocomplete feature. It extends basic select box functionality and provides the ability to display suggestions while a user types in the text field. dhtmlxCombo can be converted from existing instances of HTML Select, or populated with JavaScript. With Ajax data loading, it can get the list of values dynamically from the server datasource.

Live demo

Editable mode:
Read-only mode:
Filtering mode: (filter existing list)
Autocomplete mode:
(start typing to load country names from server)

Combobox with icons:

dhtmlxCombo can be used in four modes:

  • Editable select box - A user can either select a value from the list or type a custom value.
  • Read-only select box - A user can select just one value from the associated list of choices.
  • Filter - The whole list is loaded on the client side, and as a user begins to type, the list is updated with the appropriate values (which contain or begin from the characters typed).
  • Autocomplete - The list is loaded and shown as a user types in the input box.

Like other DHTMLX components, dhtmlxCombo provides a complete JavaScript API to give developers a wide range of options to control the component state and behavior. To manage client-server data communication for dhtmlxCombo, we're offering a dhtmlxConnector extension that simplifies server-side integration (PHP, .NET, Java, ColdFusion).

Since version 4.0, dhtmlxCombo has been overwritten to provide faster loading, better performance, and more customization options. It now supports easy creation of linked combo boxes, sorting, custom text templates, and multiline items.


  • Full control with JavaScript API
  • Simple configuration
  • Editable/read-only modes
  • Filtering mode
  • Custom list item types: checkbox, image
  • Templates for list items (custom items)
  • Integration with dhtmlxGrid and dhtmlxForm
  • Autocomplete behavior
  • Sorting
  • Multiline items
  • Linked combo boxes
  • The ability to convert existing select boxes
  • Multicolumn combo
  • Loading options list from select box, XML, JavaScript, JSON
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dhtmlxCombo is available in the Standard Edition only. Download and use dhtmlxCombo for free under GNU GPL, or buy a Commercial or Enterprise License to use the component in a non-GPL application/site and get official support.


Open Source - GPL - Allows the use of dhtmlxCombo in GPL-licensed projects for free. Download dhtmlxCombo - Ajax/JavaScript Combobox with AutocompleteDownload

Commercial License ($49) - Allows you to use dhtmlxCombo Standard Edition in one project (application) with an unlimited number of copies. The license includes 1 month of technical support (or 5 support requests within 12 months). Buy dhtmlxCombo - Ajax/JavaScript Combobox with AutocompleteBuy it

Enterprise License ($99) - Allows you to use dhtmlxCombo Standard Edition in an unlimited number of projects on the condition that all of them are developed by one company. Free support/upgrades are provided for the first 12 months. Buy dhtmlxCombo - Ajax/JavaScript Combobox with AutocompleteBuy it


dhtmlxCombo Standard Edition is distributed under GPL v2, Commercial, and Enterprise licenses (details)

Supported browsers:
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