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This JavaScript component allows you to implement a fast and intuitive color picker similar to the one used in graphical desktop applications. dhtmlxColorPicker handles RGB, HSL, and hex formats, and provides an easy solution for adding visual color selection to your web apps or sites.

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The component displays a color selection box with a luminosity bar and text fields for entering RGB and HSL values. Users can define custom colors which will be saved and appear the next time the color picker is called. Our JavaScript ColorPicker can be integrated either as an inline control or a popup dialog box. You can also use it as a form element of dhtmlxForm.

In version 4.0 dhtmlxColorPicker has been completely overwritten and it now provides better performance and rendering speed. The ColorPicker comes with 3 predefined skins (SkyBlue, Web, Terrace). You can easily customize the component's look and feel with the rich script API.


  • Cross-browser support: IE, FF, Opera, Safari, Chrome
  • Flexible JavaScript API
  • The ability to save custom colors
  • Familiar look and feel
  • Complete color palette
  • 3 predefined skins
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Edition and License

dhtmlxColorPicker is available in Standard Edition only - dhtmlxColorPicker - JavaScript ColorPicker ControlDownload

You can use dhtmlxColorPicker for free under GNU General Public License v2, or Free License that allows you to use the component in a non-GPL application/website.

Open Source - GPL v2 - Allows you to use dhtmlxColorPicker in open source, GPL-ed projects for free.

Free License - Allows you to use dhtmlxColorPicker in non-GPL, proprietary projects (applications) at no charge.


dhtmlxColorPicker Standard Edition is distributed under GNU GPL v2 and Free license (details)

Supported browsers:
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