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dhtmlxGantt is an open source JavaScript Gantt chart that helps you visualize a project schedule in a nice-looking chart. It can show the dependencies between tasks as lines and allows you to set up different relationships between tasks (finish-to-start, start-to-start, end-to-end). dhtmlxGantt provides flexible API and a large number of event handles, which gives you the freedom to customize it for your needs.

Projects and tasks are comfortably organized into a hierarchical structure displayed in the left pane of the chart. The grid is easily configurable so you can add/remove custom columns to display required information. Current schedule status can be seen at a glance with percent-complete shadings. You can also enable tooltips or use built-in "quick info" popup to show the details for each task.

Live demos

Basic Gantt Chart
Filtering and Zooming
Hours Scale

Click the appropriate images to view the demo. You can add/edit/delete tasks but changes will not be saved.

Easy Initialization

With dhtmlxGantt, you can create a comprehensive tool for visual project management and provide the end users with a convenient way to schedule their activities. Initialize a Gantt chart on a page using JavaScript API and load data from server in XML or JSON format. You can also generate data for the Gantt chart with the client-side API.

dhtmlxGantt provides a simple integration with jQuery and ready-to-use server-side connectors (now only for PHP but Java and ASP.NET integrations are on the way).

Fully Customizable

dhtmlxGantt provides a rich and flexible JavaScript API that allows you to configure each element of your Gantt chart: customize time scale, define the grid structure, change coloring of the task bars, add text or any custom HTML to the task bars, define dependencies (relationships) between tasks, and more. The task edit form (lightbox) can also be customized to includes the new custom fields.

Intuitive User Interface

The intuitive drag-and-drop interface of dhtmlxGantt allows the end users to easily change start/end time and duration of tasks, link tasks with each other, and set task completeness. This JavaScript Gantt chart can display three task types: task, project, and milestone. If needed, you can set dhtmlxGantt in read-only mode.

Rich Feature Set

In addition to basic features, dhtmlxGantt supports some advanced functionality, such as sorting, filtering, the ability to change the time scale dynamically (zooming feature), client- and server-side validation, and predecessor tasks.

A great feature set, a wide range of options, flexibility, cross-browser compatibility, and a powerful JavaScript API make this component extremely useful for creating superior online Gantt charts.

Export to PDF and PNG

dhtmlxGantt provides an online export service that allows you to export your Gantt chart to PDF or PNG formats and print the chart, if needed. Try the demo and learn more in the documentation.

By default, the generated PDF/PNG document includes a watermark. The Commercial/Enterprise License holders can use this service without a watermark on one domain within the support period (30 days for Commercial License, 12 months for Enterprise License). This period can be extended ($70 per year for one domain). For more details, contact .


  • Editable or readonly Gantt chart
  • Full control with JavaScript API
  • Cross-browser: IE, FF, Chrome, Safari, Opera
  • Support for touch devices: iOS, Android
  • jQuery integration
  • Loading from XML, JSON
  • Rich drag-and-drop behavior to manage tasks
  • Tooltips
  • Optional tree view
  • Customizable task edit form (lightbox)
  • Three task types: project, task, milestone
  • Progress percent coloring for tasks
  • Dependency arrows
  • Fast and smooth rendering
  • Configurable columns in the grid
  • Sorting and filtering
  • Localization (5 languages and more coming)
  • Customizable time scale - zooming
  • Non-linear time scale (hide days/hours)
  • 4 different skins
  • 3 types of linking of tasks: finish-to-start, start-to-start, finish-to-finish

Editions and Licenses

dhtmlxGantt is available in Standard and PRO Editions.
NOTE: The PRO Edition is available under the Enterprise License and supports one additional feature: the ability to display multiple Gantt charts on the same page. To get dhtmlxGantt PRO trial, contact us at .

dhtmlxGantt is distributed under the following licenses:

Open Source - GPL - Allows you to use dhtmlxGantt Standard in GPL-ed projects for free. Download

Commercial License ($299) - Allows you to use dhtmlxGantt Standard in one project (application) with an unlimited number of copies. This license includes 30 days of ticket support (or 5 support requests within 12 months), one major upgrade (the next version), and export to PDF/PNG for one domain without a watermark within one month. Buy it

Enterprise License ($699) - Allows you to use dhtmlxGantt PRO in an unlimited number of projects developed by one company. Ticket support, version upgrades, and export to PDF/PNG for one domain without a watermark are provided for the first 12 months. Buy it

Contact us if you have any questions about licensing.


  • dhtmlxGantt Standard Edition is available under GPLv2 and Commercial license
  • dhtmlxGantt PRO Edition supports the ability to display multiple Gantt charts on one page and is distributed under Enterprise license (see licensing details)
  • Get dhtmlxGantt PRO trial
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