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dhtmlxVault is a JavaScript file upload component that allows you to add Ajax-based file-uploading functionality to your website or web app. A much-requested feature, the progress bar graphically displays the progress of each file transfer. Optionally, dhtmlxVault can show the estimated time remaining for an upload. Since v2.4, you are able to download the uploaded files from Vault.

Built on HTML5 standards, dhtmlxVault supports drag-and-drop capability making it really easy to upload one or multiple files to a web browser. Different file types are displayed with corresponding icons. You can define more file types and add custom icons as needed. Try the live demo now:

Live demo

Click "Add" to select files for upload. The uploader shows two demo files by default.

This file uploader works with any server-side platform (PHP, Java, and ASP.NET samples are included in the download package) and supports the secure HTTPS protocol.

dhtmlxVault allows you to define custom upload restrictions depending on file extension and file size. You can also control the number and the total size of uploaded files.

Progress Bar Indicator

dhtmlxVault PRO allows you to display a progress bar that graphically demonstrates the progress of each file transfer.


  • Cross-browser support
  • Real-time progress bar indicator (PRO)
  • Ability to download files
  • Remaining time indicator
  • Multiple file selection and upload
  • Drag-and-drop (PRO, works in browsers with HTML5 support)
  • Server-side samples for PHP, ASP.NET, Java
  • Ability to set sizes of the uploader box
  • Ability to load the list of previously uploaded files from the server
  • HTML4, HTML5, Flash or Silverlight modes (auto-selected depending on a browser)
  • Ability to check file types (extensions)
  • Control the number of uploaded files
  • 4 skins, including Bootstrap style
  • Localization for text labels
  • Custom icons for files
  • Ability to add a custom file record into the vault's files area
  • Integration with the dhtmlxSuite components


dhtmlxVault is available in Standard and PRO Editions. The progress bar and drag-and-drop support are available in the PRO Edition only.


Open Source - GPL - Allows the use of dhtmlxVault Standard in GPL-ed projects for free. Download dhtmlxVaultDownload

Commercial License ($99) - Includes dhtmlxVault PRO and allows you to use it in one project (application) with an unlimited number of copies. With this license, you receive 1 month of technical support (or 5 support requests within 12 months). Buy it

Enterprise License ($199) - Includes dhtmlxVault PRO and allows you to use it in an unlimited number of projects on the condition that all of them are developed by one company. Free support and upgrades are provided for the first 12 months. Buy it


  • dhtmlxVault Standard is available under GNU GPL v2
  • dhtmlxVault PRO supports drag-and-drop and progress bar and is distributed under Commercial and Enterprise licenses (details)
  • Get dhtmlxVault PRO trial
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