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dhtmlxTree.Net is a flexible ASP.NET tree control built over dhtmlxTree javascript component. Despite being 100%.NET control, it is completely manageable both on client and server side. Using distributed loading with or without UpdatePanel saves your and your users' traffic. Numerous ways of data representation and manipulation are provided due to checkboxes, radio buttons, drag-n-drop, skins, multiselection, inline editing and keyboard navigation support.

Watch the video to familiarize with key features of the tree, installation and registration details.

Video Presentation

dhtmlxTree.Net saves your traffic in several ways:

  • 1. First of all the tree can be configured to load and represent its child nodes only after they were actually requested. Child items are loaded using AJAX calls which is much faster than using complete page postback.
  • 2. It supports working inside UpdatePanels.
  • 3. And finally, the tree will not reload the page after each user click/move/select or any other operations, although it has such ability. All tasks usually done with trees can be done here without postbacks.
  • Why full control from JavaScript may be useful:

  • 1. You may want to store additional data in tree nodes to manipulate it on the client without requesting server (it could be a price and quantity attached to the node that represents TV-Set in products tree of E-Shop or age and social insurance number of employee in departments/persons tree at HR department home page).
  • 2. You may want to create, delete, select, check or expand several tree nodes according to user preferences stored in cookies, or based on information that can't be transferred to server for some reasons.
  • 3. You may even want to allow users to build their own tree (organize documents, notes or messages) and then store it on your server.
  • Licenses

    Evaluation License allows using dhtmlxTree.Net Evaluation version for the sole purpose of testing its functionality. Download

    Commercial License allows you to use component in one project (application) with unlimited number of copies. According to this license we provide you with support (consultations) and free-of-charge bug fixing during 1 month. This license costs $199 (if you already have dhtmlxTree or dhtmlxSuite Commercial license, then you can get dhtmlxTree.Net just for $50). Buy it

    Enterprise License allows you to use it in unlimited number of projects on condition that all of them are projects of one company. Free support\upgrade period is 12 months. This license costs $449 (if you already have dhtmlxTree or dhtmlxSuite Enterprise license, then you can get dhtmlxTree.Net just for $50) Buy it

    Please notice - dhtmlxTree.Net is not included in dhtmlxSuite package and should be purchased separately.

    Supported browsers:
    v.0.9 is available now
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      Main new features are:

    • Based on dhtmlxTree v.2.1 Professional
    • ASP.NET AJAX UpdatePanel control support
    • Distributed data loading (via AJAX)
    • Drag-n-Drop support
    • Checkboxes and radio buttons for all (or some) nodes
    • Editable nodes
    • Multi selection
    • Keyboard navigation
    • Right-to-left languages support
    • Highly customizable look
    • User-data for nodes


    Online Skin Builder Use to customize library skin